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November 30, 2011

Hi All,


Downloaded Crucible and installed it, which took the majority of an hour. Listened to Voices from the Void. Waited with baited breath while it patched and…. computer says no. Luckily the automatic repair worked.


But now I’m sitting in front of the EULA and reading it thoroughly. Wow. Words such as world wide and in perpetuity leap out. I’m guessing that even discussing the EULA in detail voids the EULA, so I’m going to talk in broad strokes only. CCP, as would any business, guard it’s intellectual property. But I have to say this is pretty fierce.


Perhaps I’ve just never really read it before. Likely given when it was last updated. I like to write, and have been both critical and supportive of CCP and this marvellous game. I will say this however, if it comes down to a choice between continuing to blog or playing the game, I know which one will win.


I have something to think about….





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  1. -K- permalink

    Lucky you, took me 4 hours šŸ˜¦ One day I shall live somewhere with REAL broadband!

    But yes the EULA was eye opening…. which no doubt most people don’t know as who reads those sort of the things? tl;dr sums up the general attitude these days. Question is… what is the realization quotient on ‘offenses’?

      • -K- permalink

        ummm….. just finished patching on the LT…. has there always been a second tab to the EULA? The third party bit? Cause I don’t recall seeing THAT before but have a sinking feeling I just never noticed it…. if so not happy cause that’s kinda sneaky could have been anything in there. But more fool me for not seeing it šŸ˜¦

  2. I really don’t know K….

    …on the good side of things, I do like the new ship fitting window, esp the break down between gun DPS and drone DPS. It appears one of my ships has broken the 1400 DPS mark…. more skills and implants to apply yet there too… >gulp<

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