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Obligatory Anniversary Post

May 30, 2016

Hey all,


It’s that time again. Total skills just shy of 170million.

This time last year, they were:

Armor 4368000
Corp Management 270000 Skills 0 5
Drones 8920000 1 11
Electronic Systems 3738000 2 12
Engineering 5296000 3 18
Gunnery 14270000 4 52
Leadership 88180 5 165
Missiles 11139000
Navigation 4542000 148 Million
Neural Enhancement 1024000
Planet Management 4352000
Production 7549000
Resource Processing 3963000
Rigging 1900000
Scanning 7168000
Science 31819000
Shields 2534000
Social 1551000
Spaceship Command 27115000
Subsystems 2560000
Targetting 1560000
Trade 8250

Current is:

Armor 4368000
Corp Management 140609 Skills 0 4
Drones 11247012 1 11
Electronic Systems 3738600 2 13
Engineering 6064265 3 16
Gunnery 14270304 4 44
Leadership 88180 5 188
Missiles 12800834
Navigation 11008000 169 Million
Neural Enhancement 1024000
Planet Management 4352000
Production 9346789
Resource Processing 3963000
Rigging 3434040
Scanning 7168000
Science 32565336
Shields 5632000
Social 2183798
Spaceship Command 29644739
Subsystems 2560000
Targetting 1560000
Trade 8250

Structure management which was split out sits at 2560000.

H 2016

Essentially it has been a year of consolidation, with a focus on getting some of those navigation skills up to take advantage of armor based speed/sig tank set ups. Special mention also goes to getting those jump drive skills to max. I will take Black Ops to V one of these days… CCP Fozzie mentioned the potential for a re balance in the future in the fireside chat with Rixx Javix btw.

The focus for the next while is finishing up the science skills, where I’m sadly lacking in T3 invention capabilities. That will block out the next 7-8 months or so.

This year also marked a decision regarding EvE online. I stopped two subscriptions and moved the significant alts to the remaining. Will make mention of one in particular who is currently training Titan V. Doomsday V is next up, though I’m not looking forward to the 61 day time till complete.

He is also a fully skilled dreadnought pilot. The carrier changes however mean a revisit on his particular queue and what is in it. It will push it out significantly as Force Auxiliary and the various fighter skills will now also need a lot of work

All in all, it came it went. Had a lot of fun with the Frostline event, but missed the blood harvest completely. Looking forward to more of those. Scanning down anoms, running combat sites and the occasional mission are keeping me out of mischief (mostly).

Was also reminded just how effective tuned damage poured into a resist hole was. In a good way πŸ˜‰ Must try different hullsout more often.

Onwards and sideways!





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  1. -K- permalink

    mmmm….sideways, crunchy!

  2. Is that 9 years now? Congrats. πŸ™‚

    Do you plan on flying a Titan – or just have the skill for the hell of it?

    • H was created in 2008…. πŸ˜‰

      And yes, I managed that amount of skillpoints in that amount of time off an original account with no assistance. My friends and I all started at the about the same time, and we did it the hard way. Old school (geddorfmylawn!).

      Speaking of old school, I find it mildly amusing that alot of newer players may had the good fortune of never dealing with the original FAX machines. You’d possibly even remember gestetner (sp?) machines Hermit.

      As for the Titan? Because I can, because I always aspired to one, and because it was the next step.

      I also put some serious consideration into selling that alt for some serious isk and potentially plex an account for a while too when things were getting really tight. But as a fully skilled Paladin pilot, melting Blood Raiders with tachs can be quite a bit of fun… πŸ™‚

      • That’s a nice level of SP for 8 years. You must have spent less time in +3 clones / focused more on your attributes remaps than I did!

        The Titan skills are some of the few that I don’t have. While I could afford to purchase a Titan, I couldn’t ever see myself flying one.

        I don’t specifically remember the gestetner branded fax machines. My first run in with Faxes were on the old Fax/Modems. I can’t quite remember if I started with 1200 or 2400 baud modems, but I did upgrade with every speed increase. I remember coding quite complicated modem dial up strings in my second ever job.

        I’ve been fortunate that my decisions about EVE accounts have never really had to factor in my finances. Generally a 12 month subscription costs me less than $3 a week – so I work off do I feel I get that much value out of the account. When I went from 4 to 3, and then 3 to 2 accounts, it was because that $ to entertainment equation wasn’t being met. It is nice knowing I have enough ISK to keep me in the game for some time if my personal circumstances changed for the worse. At least there is that backup plan.

      • No attribute remap either…. I did get a nice hunk with the battlecruiser changes, but essentially it comes down to having a high int. There are a TON of skills that require it as primary. So I did focus on them where possible. Can’t go wrong with those support and tanking skills πŸ™‚

        Perception and memory aren’t too bad either as secondary stats.

        That was the other change. Went to annual on my remaining accounts. I’d like to say great minds, but mine is only so so πŸ™‚

  3. John permalink

    Yeah, H started a bit before I did, but I am only at 160m, partly due to less focus and worse remappings, and partly due to cheap implants in nulsec.
    My skillset is similarly spread too, lots of dabbling in science and industry.

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