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May 23, 2016

Hi All,

Two things struck me this week in browsing around the place. The first was from Fintarue on the latest High Drag Podcast

It’s an extremely good podcast and absolutely worth a listen if you have some time. In any case, there are gems of wisdom all over the show. Those who are familiar with Fin know he runs a PvP based twitch stream and is the CEO of Rifterlings.

Which is why his comment in relation to PvE was all the more surprising. He says (paraphrased) that no one talks about the infamous EvE learning curve, and once you’re past the bulldozer and shit, that it flattens right out.

Why yes. Yes, it does…


The second is from Abavus Durden from Pukin’ Dogs. Again absolutely well worth your time.


Go read.


There are not a few people out there sharing some malaise. We go through fits and starts, more time in game (or not), but I cannot help thinking back to my early to mid phase in EvE.

I wanted an Ishtar so bad. The ability to set 5 bonussed heavy drones on my foes, small sig and t2 resists was drool-worthy. I once tackled an Armageddon in a Vexor. It had a plate on it, and stayed up for a looooong time (until we drifted out of rep range). Just imagine how good one of these would be…!!!

It was an age of innocence and awe in some respects. Battleships seemed HUGE. And as for Marauders? Oh.My. God.

But then, somewhere along the line, it stopped being awesome and dropped to noteworthy. And from noteworthy, to commonplace. And I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that coincided with cresting the learning curve.

Despite a myriad of improvements over time, I agree with Abavus’ sentiment that yesterday’s EvE appeals more to my soul better. I’d love it if I got that thrill again as I used to when hearing the Quantum Rise theme music (Apocrypha was damn good too) at log in.

I know that it was a particular time and place that just resonated with me. A set of circumstances that included having spare time and being new and fresh to the game. And I also know it would be impossible to recreate it.

But surely, surely there must be something in between a solo(ish) player hitting the plateau and forcing them to group up with others to tackle the bigger stuff…?




P.S 25 more bandwith for the Proteus drone subsystem!!!!!!



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  1. We will never get our own version of those early EVE days back. We have changed. EVE has changed. The trick – like in a long marriage, is adjusting and making it work in its new guises.

  2. I am liking this post for the main reason that while it was in English, well written, and interesting, I nevertheless did not understand one single thing! Gaming goes way over my head, I’ve only ever played one game – Abe’s Odyssey and the sequel Abe’s Exodus back in the late 90s – and I got seriously addicted to it so I’ve never gone back. Do you know that song ‘Black Bugs’ by Aussie band Regurgitator? That was my life for six solid months. I can get obsessive about things so I figure remove temptation – it’s for the best.

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