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Not today

December 23, 2015

So… a few days after posting the rattler fit, I was having a drink or two and thinking about logging in. Checked the blog and noticed a spike in hits from Germany.

Not that I have a huge readership by any means, but it was statistically significant enough for it to stick out by the proverbials.

Now I have one of those kind of brains that sucks up information that others don’t necessarily care to notice. It gets filed away somewhere, and when something else happens it gets instantly correlated against the random crapola stored up in there.

To give you an example, I notice pretty much instantly when a co-worker has had a haircut or shave. New glasses, etc. Have had comments in the past from people saying they’ve been walking around for a week and I’ve been the only one who has said anything.

Likewise with friends I haven’t seen in a while. Useful in the job I do, but that’s a story for another time perhaps. I don’t navigate by street names either and can recognize people at a distance by general shape and certainly by the way they walk.

I’m a visual creature I guess. Ironic given I was an short sighted and not diagnosed for many years as a child. Coping mechanism developed whatever this is at a guess.

So there is me going, OK Germany when I logged in. Even slightly on the tipsy side, the old spidey sense started tingling. Local was rather a bit higher than normal, and with a lot fewer regular names about.

So I started scrolling through. NPC corp. NPC corp. NPC corp. NPC corp. Hmmmm, said I. Lets check the bio. James315. James 315. James 315.

And the old brain did a rapid calculation:

Alcohol + expensive fit recently posted + unusual viewership pattern + local spike + NPC corps + James315 (who I have crossed paths with once before) = no sir, I really don’t think so.

Did I undock? Nope. Not today.

To be fair, I have been looking at other corps to throw an alt (or potentially all of them) in to, so spent my time talking in public channels to various peeps.

My time wasn’t wasted, and if the enemy was blueballed as part of that process, then who am I to complain πŸ™‚


Fly smart,



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  1. -K- permalink

    not even going to make ANY of the applicable obvious jokes πŸ˜› I’m being good just to make people wonder what I am REALLY up to πŸ˜‰

    Wish were you are wasn’t so hard to get to from here as I have a free week after Christmas thats going to waste because I only just found out and everything around here is booked out so I can’t actually get away 😦 Virtual drinkies?

    • We’ll have to see. Working every damn stat and won’t be catching up to the crew when they hit the beach for NY. It’d be nice though. You should log in… where did I leave that plex…. πŸ™‚

      • -K- permalink

        Well boo to that right when I find out I can now get direct flights 😦

      • Agreed! At work atm… ugh…

      • -K- permalink

        what a co-inky-dink, me too! Oh wait…. I’m always at work… I live here πŸ˜› But right now I’m wrangling large quantities of annoyingly stretchy fabric into some semblance of awesomeness in stupidly high humidity, joys!

        One of these days we WILL manage to pull a sneaky on the universe at large and manage to be in the same place at the same time… I’m relatively sure nothing catastrophic will happen…probably… so I don’t know why reality has to have this big anti on it happening :-/

  2. I don’t recall anyone who has gone out of their way to attempt to harm me in game because of my blog. That is not to say I haven’t annoyed plenty of players – but apparently I haven’t been worth the effort. Well done on being a (blueball) content creator πŸ™‚

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