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I am the 85%

May 2, 2016

Hi All,


It’s been a while. If you want to know why, go read this:


Neville’s credentials are without question, and putting it mildly, is far better at the blogging stuff than I am. Succinct and accurate analysis, with clear and rational thought behind it. This post touches on some of the reasons behind my current malaise.

In the intervening time since my last post, I’ve unsubbed two accounts and shifted to a quiet part of space. I didn’t vote in the latest CSM for that matter either. This is coming from someone who has always voted since becoming aware of it, and been a vocal proponent for CCP.

I’ve also come to terms with the fact that I’m a casual player. As a both a parent and shiftworker, my emphasis in life can’t be gaming.

While it should be acknowledged that I’m somewhat risk adverse, it essentially means I have neither the time or the energy to commit to low/null. There are times where I need to drop everything and run… and EvE isn’t that kind of a game.

My gaming has mostly diminished to soloing L4s, salvaging loots for refining purposes, producing ammo and scanning down sigs. And there is nothing wrong with that. I’m skilled enough that it’s a bit of a no-brainer (sleeper caches are still a PITA), but I’ve been skilled enough for long enough for it not to be a challenge.

Now, I still think CCP is running a game which, since it’s inception, has no equivalent. But I also think that, being part of a reasonably silent majority, we’ve not been looked after terribly well. Release upon release. Expansion after expansion.

What I suspect is that CCP has looked at the statistics for player retention and gone just a tad too far with it. The social aspect will keep people in game for sure, but not all of us (especially we introverts) require or want it. There has certainly been a push towards co-operative play for some elements putting those parts of the game out of reach.

I am hopeful for the future of the game, and have a great deal of faith in Seagull and the crew, but I am also not eternally patient. With the exception of the (very good) Guristas events, I’m feeling somewhat ignored.

I am a casual player. And I am the 85%




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  1. Thank you for highlighting my post, and for your support. Perhaps all together, we who dwell mostly outside of 0.0 space can get more attention from CCP. I, too, am a fairly casual player – we are the 85%!

    • You’re welcome Neville. When I read your post and remembered that I’d blogged about some of those very points years ago, on top of crystallizing the way and the why I was feeling about the game… well, lets just say it was past due.

  2. EVE is a strange mistress when you are a casual solo player. It is not an easy relationship to maintain. CCP doesn’t seem to help much either.

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