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Project K

November 28, 2011

Hi All,


After quite a few days of researching BPOs, making crystalline carbonide BPCs, deciding that that will take WAY too long and purchasing another BPO and researching that one, THEN manufacturing till I’m blue in the face, H is now the proud owner of her first marauder.


Interim name: Killing Time. I’m a big fan of the culture novels and the naming conventions that Iain M Banks has come up with. She’s no rapid offensive unit… well, yes on the offensive bit… not so much on the rapid and there’s also nod for Kronos thrown in there too.


I can honestly recommend that a single BPO for the majority of the T2 components is well worth getting, but once you’re starting to having to produce runs of 32500 units, three possibly even four BPOs will cut down your build time significantly. I’ve found that it just was not worth the up time on the POS to create multiple 1000 run copies. And it’s all additional cost too for that matter.


So, I have a new shiny and the skills to use it. Will be gathering the bits and pieces for fitting it in the next few days, most likely justΒ  T2 to begin with. I will however be playing with Caldari Navy ammo as the role bonus compensates nicely… frankly it’s a toss up whether its LP/cost effective to use it for 7 or 8 gunned ships. Four guns at twice the DPS AND tomorrows changes to hybrids is likely to again make me a very happy capsuleer.


As for the flying of it? The report will come later once I’ve had a chance to download the patch. I suspect she won’t quite foot it with the Paladin still, but it will be an interesting comparison with the Mega. I’ll still maintain a doctrine of mobility and range control, but I think the difference in tank as well as DPS (Ogre IIs are great….. once they get into range – hammers will deal with most things effectively in any case) will make for a serious increase in speed.


Now to the big question – Why…? Summer Glau. Ooops. Wrong media. Well, partly because I can, partly because of SHINY, and partly because I want at least two mission hubs to work from. And flying a number of jumps from one to the other is a PITA. Especially when you can park a clone somewhere convenient.





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  1. -K- permalink

    Project K huh… got to say having a project for ultimate doom and destruction named after me is rather touching πŸ™‚

  2. I did wonder how long it would take you to comment πŸ˜›

    • -K- permalink

      lol sorry to keep you waiting, migraine took precedence!

  3. John permalink

    Good (and amusing) kronos fit:
    Obviously even better with the hybrid buffs. Also he should be using the
    burst aerator rig. More DPS, who cares about ammo cost? πŸ˜‰

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