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Illogical, Captain…

Hi All,


I haven’t known what to say about the passing of Leonard Nimoy. Somehow whatever I might put to page would end up being too small, and possibly too trite in any case. But something cropped up in my gmail today circles that might just suit. Fan made stuff can be pretty¬† bloody awful at times, but this… this is really good. Go see.


Live long and prosper you lot.



Kirith’s Krusade

Hi All,


Kirith Kodachi has hit 10 years of blogging. Recommend you go and give him a ping.


Now apart from that, Kirith might have been accused of tilting a windmills now and again. Most especially in regards to icons on the UI, and specifically the red crosses that we shoot at. He’s been a proponent for a different size and shape of icon dependent on the hull size of the ships on grid.

So, here I am doing my usual trawl through various websites, and lo and behold I come across this:


I’m not going to suggest it’s anything particularly much more than circumstance (I hope it was), but congratulations in any case Kirith. It’s well deserved :)







P.S GO VOTE!!!!!



Hi All,


In an effort to keep the surprise, I have been holding off reading and viewing too much about the Drifters. I tried and failed to continue doing so last night. Out of the videos I did watch, there was mention of the fact that they are indeed their own separate faction, and that you are indeed likely to lose status with them if you manage to destroy one of their ships.

I also noted that the listening posts have some distinct similarities (albeit mostly their vertical nature) to the Player Owned Stations out there. So….. what if they’re not actually a listening post, but are instead a fully functional Drifter Owned Station.

What if, instead of by the usual route of destruction, the lore is advanced by player interaction with the new NPCs. What if we, the capsuleers, are indeed the last, best hope against the primordial entity – foot soldiers in a Jovian war of truly galactic scale.

In any event, both the Sisters of Eve and Concord have a much better idea of what exactly the hell is going on. Concord itself lowered its readiness state after the uptick, suggesting that diplomatic overtures have at least begun. Or they’ve decided their technology is sufficiently powerful to contain it. Either way, we live in very interesting times indeed.

Looking forward to what happens next…!






P.S – Kudos to the CCP team putting out The Scope videos. Very cool :)


Opportunites Abound – NPE

Hi All,


One of the more interesting things that has come out of all of the CSM platforms is the problem de jour. Almost everyone has cited the New Player Experience (NPE) as being anything from meh to utterly awful, and there have been various flavors on how to fix. It’s also likely behind the sheer volume of utterly new players sticking their hands up for a CSM role.

All of which doesn’t take into account the the current CSM and CCP are aware of the problem and have been working on it to try and fix. Today CCP Rise and¬† Team Pirate Unicorns released a Dev Blog on the very subject. This is something I think is hugely important, and from what I can see so far, a great step in absolutely the right direction.

Go have a look.







Let Me Tell You A Story

Hi All,


I once had the pleasure of doing a course where the tutor set the class a task. We were split into teams of three, and a scenario given. Each team had a certain time to decide which out of a number of people were to enter a time locked vault. They all had various up sides and down sides, such as a general doctor but he was an older man. A younger woman, but who had no skills at all. A botanist, gay. A gardener who had a genetic condition. The idea was that this group of people were to stay in the vault for decades, and would continue the human race through the upcoming disaster.

The group of people I was with had a lady who was firm in her convictions shall we say. And as you can probably imagine, the argument raged as to who was going to enter the vault and with time ticking down, it became very clear that this lady was unable to compromise even with the circumstances outlined. You see, the criteria for the scenario also stated that if we couldn’t reach an agreement in time everybody would die and the human race would fail. With that in mind and two minutes to go, the rest of us decided that she should choose who she wanted as even an outside chance of success would be better than none at all.

It was what happened next that really surprised me – the lady would not even agree to all her own choices. She wanted to argue instead. Despite clearly stating that she could have exactly who she wanted multiple times, she would not accept that. The argument was more important to her than reaching an accommodation or even any solution at all. Even her own.

I’ve never forgotten it. I guess it has little to directly to do with EvE Online, except possibly everything…. think long and hard about who you vote for this CSM round.

Please consider if they can be part of a functional team.





CSM and Cap Stable

Hi All,

I must send a huge thank you out to the guys at Cap Stable for all of the CSM candidate interviews so far. There have been some real stand outs for me, and I’d encourage you to start listening to them if you have the time (god only knows how they’ve found the time to research, record and edit all of them).

The latest is something I REALLY recommend people listen to if they’re at all interested in the CSM. It’s an interview with CCP Leeloo and Falcon:

  • There has been a player advisory body in place since 2003
  • The communication issues and recent advent of Confluence as a tool to combat that
  • Changes to the white paper – including splitting out some items into separate documents
  • Changes to the CSM stakeholder status
  • Changes in the way in which individual CSM members can tackle specific upcoming items
  • CSM has visibility of three to four expansions ahead (with the exception of super secret stuff)
  • Close to 100 applicants for CSM X


And I’m only half way through so far… oO

One point that I really thought was a standout was the way in which CCP Leeloo stood up and took responsibility for the comms issues to date. Apart from being an indication of the personal qualities of Leeloo herself, it suggests to me that CCP has matured as an organization. You don’t have someone that calm and confident in accepting responsibility without them being secure in the knowledge that their employer has their back. That they have the structures, processes, and above all else faith, that they (and their employees) can deal with whatever stuff rampaging internet spacenerds can throw at them.

Go listen. It’s important.





BB62 – Home

Hi All,

Parameters as follows:

Niden (@niden_GMVA) tweeted this:

It’s not cool to want walking in stations, right?

For those that weren’t playing at the time CCP decided to implement Walking in Stations. Essentially, it meant you could see your avatar, and walk around inside your quarters when docked in station. All of the usual functionality was there – just in a 3d environment. Sufficed to say, there were problems and some major handling errors on CCP’s part. Problems such that the capsuleer community literally rioted in game. Since then, people have essentially poo pooed the idea. I would go so far as to say that not only is it not cool to want WIS, but it’s actually cool to run it down.

But here’s the thing – it has massive potential. Not just in and of itself, but also in conjunction with the upcoming POS changes. Humans, as a general rule, want a stake in the ground. A home. A place they can call their own. If you look around at various other MMOs (LOTRO, Wildstar, POE just to name a couple), they all have the ability to grab a plot of land and (to varying extents) modify the structures you build upon them, both inside and out.
And you don’t get that without two very important things:
1/. Your home
2., Your avatar
We currently have both of these things, neither of which are particularly user friendly at present, or in the grander scheme ,able to be modified to the user’s liking. I’m also going to throw in mentions of Elite and Star Citizen. While I know very little about both games, both have a very pretty interface viewable from inside their ships. This makes their ships the sci-fi equivalent of a mobile home. It enables a level of ownership and engagement currently missing in EvE.
While I can’t suggest to CCP that we need a view from the bridge of our battleship a la Star Trek Online – we do need something. The ability to say this little part of space is MINE. And I suspect that a POS could be it. That’s the first part of the equation.
The second is the avatar. I’ve spent countless hours trying to get cosmetic gear for my LOTRO characters that fit with their backgrounds and ethos. Why is important? Your avatar provides the perspective from which you view the universe laid out by the developers. It also provides the viewpoint from which you view and fit in with your home. For some (the point, web, shoot you in the face crowd), it won’t matter at all that much. But for the rest of us, the explorer, the inventor, the trader, it can and it does.
CCP needs player investment in the game. That stake in the ground. It may not be as described above. The implementation may vary wildly from what I’ve surmised. But right now, a small room or two in a station somewhere just ain’t immersion imho.
We need a home.
Fly Safe,

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