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OMG It’s Full Of Stars

December 3, 2011

Hi All,

Was stuck 600km from home for the better part of two weeks and had only played on a low spec laptop prior to yesterday. So, downloaded the new expansion and fired her up. Between the engine trails and the new nebula (nebulae?), the new shiny skins on the ships, I was entranced.

Thought it might be gorgeous, but I didn’t expect it to be beautiful. Seriously sexy. I may swoon. Ah-hem. There are some not so good elements however. Some of the ships I don’t like as much. The Ishkur for instance. Preferred the old model tbh. As for the Navy Raven… well, it looks like it has a bad case of the digital measles.

While I haven’t played with PI yet, if the screaming is anything to go by in the blogosphere, I will not be particularly happy with the changes in costs. I don’t manufacture to sell, I use it to offset the costs of running a POS. This, put bluntly, is a PITA. I don’t imagine for one second that the dedicated carebears are going to try to make a go if it in low sec. I do imagine the cost of fuels is going to spike…. possibly dramatically.

I like the new fitting screen, and the break down in DPS. One of my ships has broken the 1400 DPS mark, which surprised the sam hill out of me. This ship is only T2 fit but does have CN AM loaded. There are improvements to be had from skills… and there are no damage implants in that particular clone either. No wonder we gave that golem pilot a little bit of a scare… 🙂

Very much liking having the cartographer elite cert in combination with a T3 ship as finally the loot gods dropped something sexy. In fact, I’ve had some rather interesting results in the last 24 hours. And I have an escalation up my sleeve as well…. though the last one is 20 jumps away… o.O God only knows where the last escalation (no doubt into low sec) will be if that’s anything to go by.

Also very idly wondering if I might not up sticks and become truly mobile. I have the capability to do so if I really want…. and the PI side of things may mean that having a POS is very much a luxury. Interesting times indeed.



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  1. -K- permalink

    NO amount of ‘pretty’ or even the ‘loot all’ will ever make up for what they did to my CNR *sob* digital measles doesn’t even come close.

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