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Teknikul Stuff – Now wiv A Titol

November 27, 2011

Hi All,

As a family, we were rather stretched out genealogically speaking. My father was the 3rd of three children, and while I’m the oldest of of us “kids”, I think we were generally behind the curve that way. To give you an idea, My grandparents were born in 1903 and 1905 respectively, over 100 years ago.

Christmas time starts you thinking about the people in your past, family especially, and if there is one thing I do regret, is that I was not old enough to really appreciate them or their lives when they were with us.

Imagine this: growing up going to school either by foot or on the back of a horse and cart, growing your own food and produce, milking the cows, though to the roll out of radio, electricity and lightbulbs, through two world wars, the advent of calculating machines, motorways and the first man on the moon. All of these things in the space of one generation.

We think our lives have changed with with the miniaturization of things, the internet, watches with the kind of computing power that once took up the space of a room. But they haven’t, not really (OK we could argue about the interweb), not by comparison. We have seen refinement and design engineering the likes of which would have truly left the previous generations floundering, but the principals and basics were already laid down before us.

It may be that we are 0n the cusp of something big, with inter-connectivity or the density of energy or data storage, new materials, or the overlay of an entire virtual world on top the the real making a difference. It might be a sociological change, a way in which we group together, possible now that physical distances are not a barrier.

Improvements to cybernetic interfaces, and especially those sufficient to control machinery or are sensory replacements are happening every day.  A capsuleer quality interface may not be as far away as we may think. Who really knows. One thing is certain, when the singularity does hit, the changes my grandparents lived through will be classified at the gnats fart end of the spectrum.

So…. Crucible. I don’t foresee that the combined changes will equate to being a paradigm shift. After all, those with the most guns will most likely still win. But it sure has heck could produce some seriously interesting times….



P.S Another project is in the cooker right now… as are the skills to use it…. 🙂

P.P.S Yeah – I did forget to put a title on this post.

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