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Render the Red Nosed Slave Hound

November 24, 2011

ah-hem – me/sings… those with delicate constitutions, or are in fact capable of hearing, are advised to take all due precautions in the next few moments…


Render the red nosed slave hound,

Had a very shiny nose,

And if you ever saw him,

You would even say it glows


All of the other slave hounds,

Used to howl and laugh with glee,

Coz Render the red nosed slave hound,

Couldn’t catch an escapee.


Then at one singularity site,

Sansha came to play,

“Render with your nose so bright”,

“Become my cyber-hound tonight”.


Now all the other slave hounds,

Whimper, cower, run and flee,

From Render the red nosed slave hound

Assimilated 113 YC…


P.S I have NO idea where this stuff comes from…!



From → Eve Online

  1. -K- permalink


  2. Hmmm. Should I leave it as slave hound, or the more correct slaver hound…?

    • -K- permalink

      still waiting on a wave file for this… holidays approacheth and I need torture devices 🙂

      • I’m not actually sure the world is ready for this. The UN may also want to have a word about the Geneva Convention…! 🙂

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