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BB62 – Home

February 4, 2015

Hi All,

Parameters as follows:

Niden (@niden_GMVA) tweeted this:

It’s not cool to want walking in stations, right?

For those that weren’t playing at the time CCP decided to implement Walking in Stations. Essentially, it meant you could see your avatar, and walk around inside your quarters when docked in station. All of the usual functionality was there – just in a 3d environment. Sufficed to say, there were problems and some major handling errors on CCP’s part. Problems such that the capsuleer community literally rioted in game. Since then, people have essentially poo pooed the idea. I would go so far as to say that not only is it not cool to want WIS, but it’s actually cool to run it down.

But here’s the thing – it has massive potential. Not just in and of itself, but also in conjunction with the upcoming POS changes. Humans, as a general rule, want a stake in the ground. A home. A place they can call their own. If you look around at various other MMOs (LOTRO, Wildstar, POE just to name a couple), they all have the ability to grab a plot of land and (to varying extents) modify the structures you build upon them, both inside and out.
And you don’t get that without two very important things:
1/. Your home
2., Your avatar
We currently have both of these things, neither of which are particularly user friendly at present, or in the grander scheme ,able to be modified to the user’s liking. I’m also going to throw in mentions of Elite and Star Citizen. While I know very little about both games, both have a very pretty interface viewable from inside their ships. This makes their ships the sci-fi equivalent of a mobile home. It enables a level of ownership and engagement currently missing in EvE.
While I can’t suggest to CCP that we need a view from the bridge of our battleship a la Star Trek Online – we do need something. The ability to say this little part of space is MINE. And I suspect that a POS could be it. That’s the first part of the equation.
The second is the avatar. I’ve spent countless hours trying to get cosmetic gear for my LOTRO characters that fit with their backgrounds and ethos. Why is important? Your avatar provides the perspective from which you view the universe laid out by the developers. It also provides the viewpoint from which you view and fit in with your home. For some (the point, web, shoot you in the face crowd), it won’t matter at all that much. But for the rest of us, the explorer, the inventor, the trader, it can and it does.
CCP needs player investment in the game. That stake in the ground. It may not be as described above. The implementation may vary wildly from what I’ve surmised. But right now, a small room or two in a station somewhere just ain’t immersion imho.
We need a home.
Fly Safe,

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  1. P.S I loathe the way WordPress does it’s editing. Apologies if this is a little hard to read.

  2. Toka permalink

    H, you’re still alive! Which is a good thing I suppose 😉

    • Yep. I start work on Monday. Temp contract that runs through till end of May. Hopefully something more permanent will come out of it. Spending lots of time with the wee man while I can

  3. Toka permalink

    As K would say, many conga rats H!

  4. TurAmarth permalink

    Gods… I have written so much on this topic that when a BB specifically for it comes out… I find I’m just tired of trying to get people to understand several points…

    (1) CCP failed us by not having any content to use the avatars IN…
    (2) we failed CCP by not backing them up and sating OK, this sucks an… fix it! … no we screamed like little ranty children and threw a riot FFS…
    (3) CCP failed us by backing off and getting scared of US…
    (4) We failed CCP by taking advantage of that keeping the negative pressure on…

    It took CCP Seagull to step in and force CCP out the years of fear and worry after Incarna and to say, We need to be BOLD and DO bold stuff with the game… and if it pisses some of the players off, we need to attract more new players to make up for the ones who leave.

    We need the original vision for WiS to create new gameplay and attract a new and wider playerbase… I hope and pray Legion may yet bring us this deeper more immersive game.

    The why…
    On The EvE of Contention…
    On The Bone of Contention…
    On Getting Back in Contention…

    and the Dream…
    Worlds and Stations…

    CCP Seagull… Open the gods damned door….

  5. TurAmarth permalink

    Oh and Welcome Back and Congrats on le job!!!! and pat teh wee man on dey head once for me… mine are now 11 and 12 (and 27, 29 and 31) so patting on heads in not acceptable behavior anymore… =]

    • Thanks Tur. He’s about to turn two (already – where does the time go??). Hugs, kisses and wrestles are OK, but I suspect patting on the head wouldn’t be. For someone so young, he sure has the determineds. And a very clear idea of what he does and doesn’t like… oO

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