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CSM and Cap Stable

February 9, 2015

Hi All,

I must send a huge thank you out to the guys at Cap Stable for all of the CSM candidate interviews so far. There have been some real stand outs for me, and I’d encourage you to start listening to them if you have the time (god only knows how they’ve found the time to research, record and edit all of them).

The latest is something I REALLY recommend people listen to if they’re at all interested in the CSM. It’s an interview with CCP Leeloo and Falcon:

  • There has been a player advisory body in place since 2003
  • The communication issues and recent advent of Confluence as a tool to combat that
  • Changes to the white paper – including splitting out some items into separate documents
  • Changes to the CSM stakeholder status
  • Changes in the way in which individual CSM members can tackle specific upcoming items
  • CSM has visibility of three to four expansions ahead (with the exception of super secret stuff)
  • Close to 100 applicants for CSM X


And I’m only half way through so far… oO

One point that I really thought was a standout was the way in which CCP Leeloo stood up and took responsibility for the comms issues to date. Apart from being an indication of the personal qualities of Leeloo herself, it suggests to me that CCP has matured as an organization. You don’t have someone that calm and confident in accepting responsibility without them being secure in the knowledge that their employer has their back. That they have the structures, processes, and above all else faith, that they (and their employees) can deal with whatever stuff rampaging internet spacenerds can throw at them.

Go listen. It’s important.





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