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Another Thread Breaks

November 16, 2014

Hi All,


There are notable things from everyone’s childhood. Things that help formulate the people we will become later in life. For me, there is a certain nerdy sci-fi, spaceship element that no doubt is in part behind my ongoing attachment to EvE online. It is also something of a bittersweet thing to hear that the people who were behind those things have passed away.

Seems to be happening more and more as I get older too, and I have to wonder if the entertainers of today with their 0.05 seconds of fame will be missed much less noticed once they’re gone.

Glen A Larson was behind many shows of my youth – they include the Virginian, Quincy M.E, Buck Rodgers, Magnum P.I and Knight Rider. These ones though, fired a young imagination and will forever be a part of who I grew up to be: Battlestar Galactica, The Six Million Dollar Man and the Hardy Boys Mysteries.

From what I’ve read, he wasn’t totally free of controversy, but from the young boy who watched these shows, thrilled at the opening music and who dreamed of starships and mysteries out among the stars:

Thank You



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  1. TurAmarth permalink

    The flip side of wisdom… loss.

    • Loss of innocence, loss of faith, loss of blind certainty. Not just losing people in our lives imho.

      Wisdom is certainly a hard won thing, or at least, it has been in my experience. You speak there truth alright.

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