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BB 60 – Nothing Succeeds Like Success

November 15, 2014

Hi All,

I know! Two posts in one day!! I’m half in and half out of a chair with my son sprawled across my chest asleep. He’s been ill on and off but has had a good few weeks now, though he’s got a bug at the moment that I’m sincerely he throws off quickly this time round. He is the product of much love, good food and great care. The sum of all his experiences to date, both good and bad, and he’s learning and growing at a fantastic rate.

EvE is a little like this at present, growing, changing. There have been mistakes to be sure, but like we all do when faced with the results of those mistakes, CCP is learning. They have learned what is reasonable as far as openness and transparency goes. They have learned that we, the players (for the most part) are due respect. Above all, they have learned not to be afraid of making decisions, to step into the unknown and trust that they can meet whatever challenge might arise.

Whatever may come, the past foundations must also be acknowledged. This is a ten year old game. One that can still be played over dial up (albeit slowly) and on a lower spec machine too. No bleeding edge requirements just to boot the game. The advent of the CSM, and the realization of what that actually means to all parties concerned. Fanfest. The monument. No other game designer that I’m aware of can point to these things and say, yes, we have done all of the same.

CCP as a company to me appears to be to be just out of adolescence. A pimpy, gangly youth, occasionally tripping over feet too big, but one with a massive amount of potential. The still growing bones hint at future size. Strength is there, as well as hard won self belief, sometimes in the face of extra-ordinary criticism. Their teams are stuffed full with some VERY smart people, they are dynamic, adventurous and keen to knock our socks off.

By any measure, CCP has grown, matured and survived in an ever changing market and against some very stiff competition. And while the bottom line is always going to be the final arbiter, as far as I’m concerned CCP is a success.




P.Sย  – Here are some other participants. Have a read, and by all means, weigh in yourselves. Another measure is how dynamic the community is, but that rests with us… hint hint ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. -K- permalink

    ….and dark, unintelligible (for this we should be thankful) mutterings can be heard from the vague direction of the heatwave soaked Gold Coast…..

  2. -K- permalink


    Though a little less warm would be nice (it is quite literally 101 in the shade right now) seeing as how one is expected to put clothes on before going out in public this evening and that is NOT an enjoyable prospect! The muttering wold be more to do with my not currently playing EVE and the decided lack of things landing in my inbox ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. TurAmarth permalink

    Awwww… damn but I miss those days… ours are , 31 son, 28 dottir, 27 son (Marine and my CEO in HBHI ingame), 12 son, and 11 dottir… =]

    But ya missed mine BB post… “BB60: the Measure of the Game…”

    • He’s my only child, and the joy in my life. I know I’m biased, but he’s scary smart for one so young… he gets context already….oO

      Changing so very very fast. Blink and he’s grown, or picked up something new. They say kids at this age are like sponges, but thats not the half of it!

  4. -K- permalink

    Obviously TOO subtle ๐Ÿ˜›

    *starts engraving message on the end of a 4×4 for more direct delivery*

    I have a 17 year old earning university credits and awards from the Robotics Association when hes still got another year left of high school, an 8 year old who alternates being banned from everything tech related for breaking the rules/security protocols and being the main go-to for tech support for the teachers and a 5 year old who has yet to find a mode of transport that goes fast enough for his liking…then there’s the eldest… who is currently in hospital for the second time in a month having been knocked out last night (probably for mouthing off to the wrong person AGAIN, wonder who he takes after?) You have SO much more scary yet to look forward to!

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