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The Keres Konundrum

October 5, 2013

HI All,

The EAF changes are out. This is something I’ve been waiting for for some time as I’ve always loved the idea of these ships. Sufficiently so to take the skill to V.

But when all is said and done, I was a wee bit underwhelmed with the Keres, both in comparison with it’s T1 counterpart – the Maulus, but also with the other EAFs… they’re going to be absolute beasts. Here’s a fit I produced some time ago (in fact I still have two Keres sitting in null, one fit, one not):

2x Light Electron Blaster IIs

1x Limited 1MN MWD
1x Warp Disruptor II
1x Medium F-S9 Regolith Shield Induction
2x Phased Muon Sensor Disruptor Is (plus scripts)

2x Signal Amplifier IIs
1x Damage Control II

2x Small Ancillary Current Routers

Obviously this was intended to engage at range and pin someone down. The inherent problem with this ship is that it has no way function effectively solo… and no way for it to be any real danger to an attacker outside it’s ability to point at range. There is no web effectiveness at the range its EWAR is designed to operate at. DPS is anemic any way you care to fit it (including the singular drone). In other words, it is very much a fleet boat.

The Maulus by comparison doesn’t have the extra long point, has a slightly lower targeting range, and slightly less scan res. 5 less powergrid. It also loses one mid slot and the T2 resists. It does have the bandwidth to run 4 light drones, has 10 less sig, and is 20m/s quicker. It also has 25 more CPU even after the changes.

It is also 26 million iskies cheaper…

It has the ability to be a rather effective and inexpensive close range tackle, especially against the larger hulls. Scripting for scan res can make lock time on a battleship excessively long… bwa ha haaaaa….!

Ahem. Anyways, to cut a long story short, I don’t believe that the revamped Keres (despite the loooooooong point) is a sufficiently big step up from its little brother. And certainly not at that price differential. Bring the drone bandwidth across, and maybe we’re getting a little closer…



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