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Suddenly – Alliance

October 9, 2013

Hi all,

You may or may not know that my corporation has been a part of the New Eden Research alliance, offering ME and PE lab slots for rent in Gekutami, when suddenly spanner + works = no alliance. Due to the alliance mechanic required, without it no new jobs could be installed. Upshot  – no income to POS owners, including ourselves. Which was not the desirable option.

With a lack of detail coming though from the previous Alliance management over a number of days, I got the bit between the teeth and, with the assistance of an alliance creation service put one in place. The intention was for it to be a Plan B in the longer term, and to provide a safe haven on a temporary basis for the NER people in the short.

The longer this has gone on, the more and more likely it appears that this is going to be a permanent solution. We’ve started advertising in the forums and will be setting up a website to manage the service. Almost all of the previous member corporations have migrated across, and business as usual is being restored.

And, in all honesty, I don’t think that the previous management really stretched the legs on this. It could actually be something quite special. We’ll see what the demand is, and how well it grows.

I had envisaged being part of an alliance again one day. I just never expected it to be me creating it, and certainly not on any near time frame….





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  1. Good Luck – hope it adds an interesting dynamic to your EVE time, without being too much work! 🙂

    • Thanks Hermit… a 6 month old who seems to be teething, 16 staff of whom one was fired on Friday for essentially doing the stupids, covering childcare during the day and running the wee boy to his mum for feeding while running said business, and now an eve online alliance.

      What could possibly go wrong…? 😛

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