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It’s a bloodbath!

August 19, 2013

Hi all,

At time of writing Osmon (with three ice belts) has actually had more ship losses than Jita (786 vs 540). Wuos, also an ice system, and usually fairly quiet is sitting on 408 kills.  Hentogaira with two belts is on 278… Outuni – which is normally something of a backwater, has hit 200…

Activity is also on the upswing in both Lonetrek and the Citadel, with Kino (100+), and Uotila, Halaima and Kamio all being hit, with 200+ and 100+ kills in the last 48 hours respectively.

On a side note and with a (view to further pattern matching – it’s another pressure point to consider), it looks like iteron Vs and to a lesser extend badger IIs are being taken out in Jita. If there is a Tornado sitting on the undock, I suggest you don’t.


Why in heavens name are people still putting Orcas and T2 industrials in the belts!?!??!





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