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And in a surprise move…

August 17, 2013

… that really shouldn’t have surprised anyone (but apparently has) Goons have commenced being active in the Forge ice belts. Suspect this is but a precursor to the full on event.

In any event, I’d recommend the following: Orca off grid (preferably at a POS) with a shield harmonizing link II and 2x mining links. As fully buffer fit procurers that you can manage and, above all else, naked clones. Each procurer can manage a sizable tank on it’s own. Cheap T1 rigs to plug holes (Catalyst does therm/kin) plus shield extension rigs make the buffer even more… erm… buff.

You’ll probably shell out in the order of 20-25 mil per unit, fully fitted. However, it’s a pretty tough nut to crack – and the harder it is, the more expensive for the Goons to do so. Hopefully to the point where it starts becoming prohibitive. Even they don’t have a bottomless pit of iskes. Don’t make it easy for them either. Bookmark individual asteroids and warp to them instead of the default warp in. And for heaven’s sake, keep moving. It might just spread their damage out long enough to let Concord do its thing.

You have a 17km range with the lasers – assuming a max skill orca pilot with the right mindlink, which often gives you some flexibility of where you need to operate from. And spread out for that matter too for exactly the same reasons.

Lastly, if you haven’t set Goons to -5 and have local open so you can warp out when local spikes, well there isn’t too much more to be said.

No you won’t mine as fast. Yes I know it only has a 12k ore hold. But think of it this way – it’s the miners version of running faster than the next guy….


Fly Smart,



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