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Step Dads

June 21, 2011

Message to all the step dads out there…. How the hell do you do it…?


I’m in the uneviable position where I have a major, and I really mean major, problem with the youngest of the two boys. He is aggressive, disrespectiful to both his Mum and myself, manipulative, is a liar, and possibly the worst element of all, he hits. To give you some framework to work with, I’ve worked in the security industry for some considerable time. Self defense training emphasises protecting oneself. Practical experience and life lessons say neutralise the aggressor. Fast, hard, and with a minimal chance of response. Restrain if you can, hurt if you can’t.


How the hell do you deal with a 6 and  half year old who is hell bent on hitting you? Repeatedly. I’m not meaning once or twice here and we are definitely not talking play fighting. This is consistent and ongoing behaviour backed by intent and malice. I cannot, and will not tolerate being hit. No matter the source.


The upshot is I’m dead scared that one day I will react without thinking and hit this kid. There are serious consequences to such a response, unthinking or otherwise. That, or I’ll wake up with a child sized baseball bat wrapped around my ears. Or worse… No. I’m not exaggerating. I’d walk away, but that means letting go of someone who means an awful lot to me. God almighty. How the hell do blended families actually work?



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