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Dodgy Definitions 2

June 16, 2011

Hi All,

The girl, whose grasp of the english language is pretty good, doesn’t necessarily follow all of the rules all of the time. This sometimes in the interesting situation where an entirely new word is created (never play her in scrabble by the way…). In the last couple of weeks, there have been some absolute gems:

Scrut – the state of being once one has been intensely scrutinised… ie that girl was scrut; and

Frong – the gentle art of wafting air over ones loved one with a large palm frond. While wearing nothing but a thong. And possibly a smile.

No I am not making this up. No, I’m NOT going to talk circumstances!




Edit: Forgot just about the best one. Was feeling decidedly hammered by the flu one day when The Girl say “Wow, you do look paltry”. I says “Poultry? Are you comparing me to a chicken?!?!?”. No, say she. “Paltry”. Still not sure if she meant pallid or pasty. I think in the end we agreed on peaky 🙂 I really did fell sick, but she definitely made me laugh that day.

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