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Is it Tuesday yet…?

April 2, 2011

Looking forward to THIS…!

New DED content, new shinies, and if there ever was a good argument for SOV, the ability to trap DED sites with the right upgrades. And, oh yes… NEW shinies!!! 🙂

CCP is continuing with the banding by the looks, with null getting first bite of the cherry. 6-10s go to zero zero, exploration and escalations are next, then the 4-6s get rolled out to low sec, and finally high. At a guess, these will probably be rolled out in successive patches.

There are two aspects of this that I like, the first is that lo sec gets new content, and the second is that there is more to be found through exploration. About darned time imho.

The downside is of course that the null sec overlords get the chance to farm yet more stuff. More iskies for them, as the lowest true sec sites will no doubt be already well guarded and utilized. Whether its worth doing an entrapment sov upgrade vs one of the others remains to be seen. More to fight over in any case.

One another note, I found Ripard Teg’s blog the other day. Well worth a read. Go here —-> !

Fly Smart,


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