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Not Dotlan again…?

March 21, 2011

Hey all,

Kind of a funny thing happened last night when I was doing boy stuff and looking at the interwebz. Game time for me has been extraordinarily intermittent of late, so I’ve been catching up on the happenings in our region by using a combination of evegate, forums and of course, Dotlan where I can.

The Girl (who for the most part is very forgiving of my internet spaceships addiction) does not care for science fiction in general, did ask a couple of questions last night about the region I was looking at. In an attempt to show her how vast the EvE universe is, I clicked on the appropriate link.

(short pause). “Huh” says The Girl, “I could write poetry with that…”

Poetry?!?!?! I hear you say. Well, that was my initial response as well. But open up Dotlan, and have a look:

The Citadel in Solitude
Hunched low upon Black Rise
Providence brought Spire glimpse
As Cloud Ring covered skies

Pure Blind did he set forth
Upon his Lone(ly)trek
Not knowing the Immensea of his task
In Bleak Lands, Derelik

Paragon Soul did weep
As Curses filled the skies
Perrigan did nearly Fall
To those living Venal lives

Cobalt Edge unsheathed at the last
Essence spilled in rage
Tears did fall with bloody drops
Land Devoid for an age

Travel Stained and weary through
Perrigen roamed no more
Home he came to rest at last
To Fade from Everyshore

You see what I mean..? o.0

Fly Smart,


P.S CSM elections finishing the 22nd. MAKE SURE YOU VOTE!!!!

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  1. That’s actually quite impressive…

  2. helenakhan permalink

    Thanks B.

    There are times when the right hand side of your brain tosses out something that surprises even yourself.

    Think that was just one of those times. Hangs together surprisingly well. Could imagine Jethro Tull singing the likes of this 🙂

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