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Three Percent

December 8, 2015

Hi All,

Forgive the rambling, but I’m going to touch on a number of points this post.

Had a squeaky moment this evening with my noctis pilot. Didn’t count the number of spawns in Enemies About (part 5) and had 3 Darkanas plus a bunch of frigates warp in at 20km.

Did they target my battleship? Oh no. I wouldn’t be so lucky. Instead, my poor noctis got hammered. They blasted through my shields, ripped off the amour, and with hull rapidly disappearing, warp finally kicked in.

3% structure left. All I’ll say is thank god for thermodynamics (and shield boosters). Phew…

So, and given my very casual play time at present, I have come to the conclusion that I’m really a missioneer. Oh, I’ve dabbled in a number of other things, mostly exploration. But until they stop fiddling around with the interface, I’m not going to spend the time relearning it. In all honesty, so far I prefer the old probe re-sizing/ re-positioning method.

So, missioning. One thing I really enjoy is figuring out what I consider to be optimal fits for the hulls I tend to fly, and test them against the NPCs.

So far it doesn’t seem to matter what I fly, about 10 million per tick is about what I can regularly achieve. Doesn’t matter if it’s guns, or missiles. 10 mil provided the mission rats have a high enough bounty.

Scarlet can pay out 16 to 20 mil per tick if you’re fast enough, but that is an exceptional mission as far as payout go. I’m just counting bounties by the way, not mission rewards or LP payouts.

Now, I have been playing around with two new hulls and have been very pleased with both. The Rattlesnake has a stupidly good tank and almost seems to be easy mode. I’m pushing a combined total of 1500 dps with this beastie… with no missile implants in whatsoever. 1800 may be doable. A buffer tank in the well over 200k area means I’ve never gone below half shields in any mission ever, despite mucking up now and again.

The Navy Raven is turning out to be a lot of fun. I love the alpha this thing puts out. Megathrons gone in two volleys. Navy Orions usually pop on about four, but with the right combination of kit and implants, this will also one shot cruiser and battlecruiser hulls.

I haven’t even tried T2 ammo with it yet, but EFT indicates a 10k volley is entirely possible. Oh yes. Torp ravens are a thing πŸ™‚

If you like, I’ll post the fits being used. Drop a comment if you do.

PCU count. I saw the PCU hit 30k the other day. Very glad to see it. Couple that with the knowledge that 60% of players are single accounts, and that it is very rare for a person to have 4 or more subs, perhaps the doomsayers can have a wee rest for a bit?

Lastly, I have spent a little time lurking in recruitment channels for various corps and have some advice for any recruiters out there: wake your people up.

My experiences to date have really been a case of saying hi and then watching the tumble weeds go by. I’ll try maybe three or four times at different times of different days and then give it a way. It’s really not a good look.

Thats it for now. RL has been extraordinarily busy (moved and helped two others move house all in the space of three weeks – working full days after two consecutive nightshifts and about 6 hours sleep each day is NOT advisable).

Fly Smart,





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  1. -K- permalink

    Navy Ravens are fun? Who knew! πŸ˜› Its not like you know anyone who had to be crowbarred out of their or anything….oh wait!

    • Heh. I’m just very late to the party with them. Found drones first. Then guns. Now missiles. Perhaps I took that, oh look another bloody drake, so I ain’t flying one thing just a bit too far… πŸ˜›

      Anyways, the application bonus makes the damage output downright awesome these days.

      Not that that’s a hint or anything (hint hint)…

      • -K- permalink

        Darl you know I would if i could 😦 miss it so much, but I have neither the time nor the $ right now.

      • Well, I can’t help the time factor, but do have a plex sitting around…

      • -K- permalink

        oooh with the waving temptation in my face you shameless hussy :p All things being equal I am planning to take most of January off so we may just need to discuss this plan!

      • Heh. Come over to the dark side. We has plexes!

  2. John permalink

    Have never flown ravens, navy or otherwise, though I do now have cal BS and missile skills.
    I did fly a rattlesnake for a while and liked it, but IIRC I got annoyed with neither heavies nor sentries being quite right and geckos were getting very expensive to lose.
    I’d love to see the rattler fit, Mine only has 1143 dps (though that is accounting for reload time).
    I suppose you could go mental with torps, but that is too hard to apply with the sig and range, so just paper dps.
    Rapid heavies are nice to kill frigs and cruisers while the drones eat BS. Cruise are pretty good now too.
    But as you say, almost too easy, kinda like my overtanked kronos πŸ˜‰

    • I lost two geckos to a DC. So, decided to use augmented wasps instead. Not quite as expensive… πŸ˜›

      Actually, there are two good reasons to use wasps – kinetic and thermal. There’s 730 odd DPS right there.

      I’d suggest you have another look at the rapid heavies. 900 dps is achievable. Over 1K with rage. Good range and good application.

      Will post a fit and usage next time I get a chance. There is… erm, a rather lot of faction kit on it. Either built it, or found most of it via exploration. My excuse. Sticking to it.

      Ravens are a lot of fun. Or at least, the way I fly it πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve been getting several DC’s from EVE a week since they made those brain in a box changes recently. I’ve had to put away my drone and gank boats, and concentrate on the more heavily tanked hulls. I’ve been waiting and hoping it would become more stable sooner rather than later.

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