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Back In Black – Part 1

November 2, 2015

“Son of a corpless bankrupt” snarled the capsuleer under her breath.

The slight Achura woman wasn’t one much for displays of emotion, but frustration boiled over when the sub space anomaly hit. She’d head theories about quantum locking due to a buildup of charged particles over multiple warps. The truth of it though was that no one really knew what caused it, and it almost always ended in the loss of a ship.

No modules could be activated, and those already in operation would appear to continue to work – to no discernible affect. Those outside the bubble weren’t affected, and would gleefully rain fire down on the stricken ship.

She had just launched two gecko class super heavy drones when things went awry. Smashing her way through a phalanx of dire pith cruisers, she thought she caught an unusual spike of polarized light from her sensor feed, a precursor to the inevitable and total loss of all external data.

She had had the ship some for time, but had never been quite happy with the synergies between equipment and hull. It was subtly different in a number of ways despite it being nearly identical in shape, and she had just spent a reasonable sum of ISK working to maximize it. This, essentially, was its maiden voyage under her command.

And the ship had performed. Extra-ordinarily well. If the Angel was a scalpel, this was an overgrown chainsaw. Shorter locking range, but higher scan resolution. Slightly slower, but more agile. And with sufficient energy regeneration to power all systems for considerably longer.

The primary difference, apart from the need to restock ammunition with disturbing regularity, was the increased energy release at point of weapon impact. Nearly 50% greater, which more than made up for the lesser amount of drone command frequencies.. Surprising given it sported only one additional hard point.

Raw damage output was considerable, so application for each salvo was the primary consideration. A metastatis rig, tracking computer and a target painter combined to make sure the pain arrived cleanly and with all due prejudice, though even the capsuleer was surprised at one shotting a destroyer orbiting at 15km. Salvador Sarparti, she supposed, was well pleased with his engineers and scientists.

And yet, none of it mattered. Not now, stuck in the grip of the anomaly. Nothing responded. No command, no back door, not even a last, desperate sub-layer comms hack worked . Then all sensors died, leaving the capsuleer staring, helplessly, into the black….


P.S Socket Closed….

P.P.S I thought our internet was very ordinary data access, but my flatmate suggests it is very often down altogether…

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  1. -K- permalink

    you sir, are a tease!

    You really should write more.

  2. -K- permalink

    Holding you to that!

  3. -K- permalink

    *makes with the crossing of the arms and the tapping of the feets*

    Sitting in an ER and likely to be here a while. Now would be a good time to drop me that line!

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