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Brave New World

September 18, 2015

Hi All,

Somewhat ironic that I’ve been listening to High Drag and hearing that people are unhappy about the level of communication from CCP when BLAM, two dev blogs and a forewarning of an up coming big reveal in EvE Vegas.

There is a huge sea change and this, coupled with the ongoing CSM meet in Iceland, is probably the reason behind the lack of information flowing from there that, admittedly, we have been rather spoiled with. From a quick run through, these are the big things imho:

1/. CCP Seagull’s statement about placing structures into players hands (stargate construction included) and being as true to the ultimate vision of a sandbox driven by player action as possible. “EVE should be a universe where the infrastructure you build and fight over is as player driven and dynamic as the EVE market is now. ”

2/. Entosis not working quite as intended. Structures back with hitpoints, with an incoming limit to the amount of damage dependant on size. Capitals now having a significant role again (more at Vegas I suspect) over and above just fleet fights.

3/. Citadels now with invul and self repair timers, cutting down on the troll factor (a big concern of mine, especially for the smaller corporation). Damage mitigation means huge supercap fleets aren’t blapping a station in ten minutes flat either.

4/. The move away from just the 6 week release cadence with a move to implement larger expansions. When they’re ready and not to a fixed schedule.

In other words, I suspect CCP has found that a move to one specific method has not quite worked as intended. Instead, we’re now seeing a blended development cycle, taking what is arguably the best of two methods to deliver content. I’d also imagine it would enable them to best manage their time

Six week release method for low hanging fruit and smaller quality of life improvements. Expansions for the jesus features and big stuff. A lot less pressure on the CSM, Devs and CCP as a whole too. Staff burnout must have been a consideration when you’re effectively in a permanent scrum/rush cycle.

Similarly, it appears that CCP have sat down and looked at the original structure grind and new entosis capture methods and taken what is (arguably) the best of both.

Are we seeing a new CCP? I don’t know. But I can tell you this having run a business for seven years: what they’re doing shows vision, addresses customer and staff concerns, is timely, focussed, and down right bloody clever.

Welcome to a brave new world. 🙂

Fly safe.


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  1. -K- permalink

    OI YOU!

    Miss your face 😛

    That is all, carry on as you were.

    • I miss my face too. Sure I left it over there in the corner before i cracked that bottle last night… :oh well….

      When are we going to blow shit up again btw?

  2. -K- permalink

    Ahh yes certain bottles tend to do that.

    I miss blowing stuff up and I certainly miss the laughs but I have that complication so many of us are familiar with, when I have the time i don’t have the money and when I have the money I don’t have the time 😦

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