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ATXIII – Some Interesting Stats

September 7, 2015

Hi Guys,

CCP Larrikin as posted some graph porn about the alliance tourney. Two really stood out for me. They are:

Warlords of the Deep won this tournament, and while stats don’t show the full picture, they’re pretty damn conclusive. Top remote repper was Maylin Li, who managed to land nearly 100k more rep than either of the next two (PL and camel). Warlords’ Sgt Anti also took the top damage, but what really kills it is that Warlords took out 4 of the top ten places for damage. Both stats together? Huge.

As I said, stats don’t tell the full picture. The most obvious and largest is battlefield control. I’m not entirely sure how they could measure it meaningfully, but you can infer an awful lot from the graphs above. Even with the consideration that other teams were knocked out progressively, you can see that Warlords were able to consistently apply damage and reps throughout the tournament, a sure indication they won nearly every contest.

The next two graphs show just how fast some of the individual pilots were triaging information, making decisions and reacting. Again, Maylin li at Warlords pulls the top spot (and surely MVP for the entire tourney), with Kadesh Princess in second. While none of their pilots were in the top 5, Camel had five pilots in the top twenty, which shows a fantastic level of consistency across their team.

Lastly, team actions per minute:

It should be no surprise that the top two teams here were the top two places. What did surprise me though was the vast difference between these two and the rest. More than 20 actions per minute more than the 10th ranked team, and double (or more) than the 20th.

If I were to take anything away from these stats it is this: more than ships and set ups, more than a timely ban, manual piloting will make a team. It won’t pull out a win for you every time (Camel having an unfortunate DC on day 6 for example), but if you want to control the field and put a serious hurt on the opposition, hitting approach F1 is not going to do it for you.

Here’s an example of the kind of work Warlords put out. From day 2 versus The methodical alliance. Key moments are at 1:15 when a neut hits the scimitar, followed by scram and target painter at about the two minute mark. The vulture is then tackled and neuted, and the two Svipuls are then scrammed and tackled about 2:05. Scimi down at about 2:35.

Ignoring the odd support wing that Methodical brought for a moment, you might have expected that Warlords would have at least lost a bomber given there were two Vargurs and four T3 destroyers fielded against them. But no. A veritable pasting.

There is a much better example, and I’ll link it when I find it (135 matches!), but the initial fleet composition suggested that one team was significantly underpowered by comparison. Due to the excellent screening by that team, the heavier DPS was not able to be applied and the weaker team (on paper) pulled out the win.

For now though – the final. Go here to view: Match starts at 5:55.



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