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I Am Not A Number

May 31, 2015

Not a number

And yet, they’re so useful as far as providing an understanding of a character. H’s birthday rolled around again just recently, and while my EvE time is pretty limited right now, it’s still worthwhile taking a snapshot to share.

H 2015 H 2015

Helena Khan wasn’t the first character I ever built, but I consider her my main one. She’s certainly my most used alt and in some respects the most defined. H was always about scanning/exploration/science. Combat skills came through grinding L4s and more with a view to what I then considered the end game… being able to put up a POS and for datacores. EvE game play has changed over time, and with the introduction of citadels, that end game has somewhat changed.

Right now, I’m doing a little theory crafting and specifically to do with combating drifters (in particular surviving the super weapon), though I guess is applicable to any heavy damage environment. The base hull I’m considering isn’t too expensive (which surprised me a little), but in combination with links can have a truly massive tank.

Anyways, some numbers for you:

Creation date 29/05/2008

Skill points as current:

Armor 4368000
Corp Management 2700000 Skills 0 5
Drones 8920000 1 11
Electronic Systems 3738000 2 12
Engineering 5296000 3 18
Gunnery 14270000 4 52
Leadership 88180 5 165
Missiles 11139000
Navigation 4542000 148 Million
Neural Enhancement 1024000
Planet Management 4352000
Production 7549000
Resource Processing 3963000
Rigging 1900000
Scanning 7168000
Science 31819000
Shields 2534000
Social 1551000
Spaceship Command 27115000
Subsystems 2560000
Targetting 1560000
Trade 8250

Science is top of the heap at 31 mil, with spaceship command not far behind at 27.The various weapon systems round out the big numbers. Currently working on capital construction V. The challenge for me is a self set one – not to use remaps. H is weighted fairly heavily to INT/Mem. And while I didn’t quite manage to crack 150 before anniversary, I’ve been able to consistently break 20mil in skill points per year.

The issue now is more that a majority of the high sp per hour skills are just about complete. I have some nav skills to complete, something of a serious consideration along side finishing up Black Ops. I’m not really all that interested in training capitals (that is another alt entirely).

Otherwise, resource processing seems to have the most room for growth at the moment…. but in all honesty, mining ain’t really my thing. I would like science to remain the highest amount of sps overall, but otherwise I’m open to suggestions…


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  1. Darn… it chopped the table: Skills at rank 0 – 5. Skills at 2, 12. Skills at 3, 18. Skills at 4, 52, Skills at 5, 165.

  2. John permalink

    I hope the busy is either fun or profitable 🙂

    Have not looked at my skill chart for a bit, will do so when I get back.
    Current plan is to have a play with the t3 destroyers and we’ll a few…

  3. “The base hull I’m considering isn’t too expensive (which surprised me a little), but in combination with links can have a truly massive tank.”

    You wouldn’t happen to be talking about a Damnation would you? Those things can get an absolutely stupid tank with Slaves and links.

    • Actually, the rattlesnake. Mostly for applying DPS. Drifters are pretty quick. Cruise missiles work past native targetting range. Wardens hit out to drone control range. You can, by spending some money, achieve 1k paper DPS with a tank of over 500k. Passive regen close to 700. The trick would be keeping your shields high enough so that when the superweapon does go off, you can tank it. Heat your invuls just before it goes off would be my best advice. Possibly two rattlers, using RR since you have tons of spare cap with an essentially buffer fit. This is medium/expensive obviously. Now if you want to go stupid with money and risk, you can get 800k buffer with heat.

      Disclaimer – paper stats only at this point. Drifter behavior and numbers may have changed. Up coming balance on shield extenders. Requires max skilled link alt. Use at own risk.

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