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BB63 – Crew Customisation

April 12, 2015

Hi All,

Super Kerr Induced Nanocoating, new structures that can be fit like ships with modules, the promise of player built stargates… the ability to shape your space and change the look of your ships is finally coming to EVE. What other customization options of EVE would you like to have? What would you like to do to be able to shape space and environments? What would you like to change just for you in the client or in any 3rd party tools?

Let your desires run free in your imagination.
Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah – Personalize
Eveoganda – Customization?
Supposedly Solo – Customization

In line with CCP’s up coming release of visual queues showing the age of a ship, I propose the following: crews ranging from novice through to elite. They are not only tied to the age of the ship, but also the amount of time in space that the ship has been used. Akin to the practice effect, a well drilled crew would have a small, but noticeable affect on overall ship performance across a number of categories: Weaponry, Navigation, Engineering, Astrometrics/Sensors (and EW), and Damage Control (repair, armor, shields, hull and sig radius).

These have various sub categories and the limitation is that each crew may be assigned to only ONE sub category in a manner similar to implants that are assigned to the same slot.

For example, weaponry contains the following sub categories: damage, rate of fire, tracking, fall off etc. The bonus this specific crew gives may be assigned to only one of these. The remainder stay at stock. Another example would be navigation. Agility, warp speed, afterburner or micro warp speed, lowered capacitor requirements etc etc. Again, only one subset may be chosen. I would like to think this could be saved with a ship configuration and changed on the fly if needed.

There would be five grades of experienced crew, each subsequent level above totally green giving a 1% bonus, giving the elite crew a total of 5% in each category that can be assigned once. Here’s the kicker though, you lose that ship, you lose that crew.

For those that are going out there and burning through ships on a daily basis, these bonuses are not overpowered as good piloting and target choice is almost always the deciding factor in any fight. For those who have their favorites and like to fly them, this is just a small added bonus for piloting well over time and adds another dimension and reward for doing so.

Fire away,


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