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General Update

March 28, 2015

Hi All,


It’s been something of a bizarre time of it. With some pretty good highs and some pretty awful lows. Gamewise, it nobbled my time, though I managed to squeeze in a little EvE time. More of that in a mo…

The good: I pulled into a petrol station to get some gas and saw an honest to god Ferrari Dino GT4 in the bay next to me. Mint condition, though it was in white as opposed to red. It was my dream car growing up, and frankly, I think it still is. Those curves are just downright beautiful. They’re pushing half a mil these days… even for a partly rusted out shell of a car. Queue dribbling fanboy moment, and one very car amused owner.

The bad: wee man had a serious turn which resulted a 72 hour hospital stay. We thought it was asthma or bronchialitis which he’d been diagnosed with before. Took him up to the closest hospital for something to help overnight since the usuals weren’t working all that well, and the doc stuffed him on a nebulizer. Some liquid steroids, and a second nebuliser dose later with no improvement, instructions were given to go get the car seat from my car. Queue ambulance ride to the main hospital and two terrified parents.

The ugly: the healthcare we received. From the paediatrician at the main hospital basically saying his breathing is within normal range and he’s OK to take home ( I put my foot down and he was admitted under observation), to the physio proudly saying she’d seen shadowing on his lungs… off a 6 month old x-ray on file, to the team of nurses wanting to hold him down to shove medication into him which we knew did not work and only distressed him further… “Oh we’re not sure if it would or wouldn’t but we thought we’d give it a go… ” 24 hours AFTER the viral diagnoses, to essentially being totally ignored by doctors for nearly a day at one point, lets just say I’m a bit pissed by the whole thing.

He’s on the mend and back at home, but this was a case of (they think) a viral infection that traveled to his lungs. Because the mechanism that caused the symptoms is different from asthma, the usual treatments did not work. It really was a case of monitoring him and riding it out. Now before anyone thinks about over-reacting parent (which I’m sure they thought I was), I know my child and I knew he wasn’t well.

Yesterday, I finally consulted Dr Google. O2 was being maintained at 96 or so, but off rapid breathing coupled with the notch at the base of his throat, stomach being pushed out, intercostals pulling in, and grunting. All are danger signs, as was a heart rate that was well over 140. The O2  dropped as low as 83 at one point overnight and I held him upright for quite some time to give him some relief (for about 7 hours that first night).

Without exaggeration, each of these things are fairly major warning. All together? Danger, Will Robinson, danger. I also don’t think they’ve had anyone in quite a while call them on conflicting diagnoses, regime changes with little or no consultation, and frankly triage based on hospital policy as opposed to what’s right in front of them. Angry? You bet I am. It’s a worry that I spoke to two other parents all on the same ward who also had to demand admittance – one of whom who had to fly their child to Australia to finally get a diagnosis!


Anyways, EvE wise, I read the pulled down my large faction tower and mods, and essentially went and sold the whole kit and kaboodle. This was post the dev blog about the structure changes, which I’m looking forward to (won’t someone think of the ice miners…?). No point in hanging onto everything while the price drops prior to the deletion of those items.

I was quite proud of my set up. Let’s just say that we attracted a war dec given it as offline for a while, followed by a surrender offer the next day as soon as it was online and functional. 4 small and medium rails, 4 small and medium blasters, 8 cruiser missile launchers, 4 torp launchers, 16 DG jammers, 8 shadow dampers, numerous hardeners, web, scram and nuet. I have access to a number of POS gunners and was wondering just how effective it would have been in real terms, but no one was prepared to take it on.


Anyways, the freighter trip into Jita with a couple of bil worth of gear was a bit nerve wracking, but essentially there were no problems. Most things have sold and it’s kind of inspiring me to do a hangar clean out. Who, me? A pack rat? In multiple stations on multiple accounts…? Heh 😛



P.S Wearing and sleeping in the same clothes for more than 24 hours is no fun… for anyone…

P.P.S Hospital food is still as awful as I recall it as a child.  Just how do you manage to puree chicken so that it is vaguely liquid and yet still horribly dry?





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  1. -K- permalink

    😦 sending lots and lots of hugs

  2. -K- permalink

    ask me no questions I tell you no lies 😦 life goes on, the search for shiny continues.

  3. Toka permalink

    I have found medical help very variable. Especially when it always seems mgmt KPI is “reduce costs”.
    In the US medical bills are huge and part of the reason is lots of unnecessary tests to reduce the chance of litigation. And of course insurance against that litigation.
    Here it seems to be the opposite and you do need to push for tests, x-rays and admission if you think it warranted. Twice I have had “bad sprains” turn out to be serious breaks when I insisted on an x-ray.
    Glad you had the presence of mind and force of will to insist.

    On the EVE front, have not been playing much myself and consequently liquidated a bunch of assets and quit nul to chill in hisec while ponder next moves. Maybe incursions, faction war or a bit of piracy 🙂

    • Force of will? I’d have torn out the foundations of the earth GL style to get what was needed. As I’m sure you would as well for your wee one 🙂

      Welcome back. We shall have to catch up. I tried incursions, and while they’re good money, seem even more grindy than missions after a very short time. The others don’t appeal all that much.

      Quite enjoying the pocket. Need to scan another HS to HS and move more in. Sell what I don’t want to keep. Gek has been good to me though. Might leave shield doctrine there and move the armor ships across. Looking for at least three very different zones, so If there’s another WD make it as painful as possible for the hostiles.

      Looking forward to the new deployables too 🙂

  4. On the wee man front (we have twixt us 5, from 30 to 12… 2 gurls 3 boys… sheesh) our youngest, my heart, is my dottir just turned 12… and lemme tell you, The Hand of God is what I will bring on if she is ever at threat… She also has breathing issues… in her case sometimes severe allergic reactions. I have chronic asthma and fear having passed it on and I tell you I wouldn’t wish that on a blood enemy. Hang in there and enjoy every second… the years slip by far far too quickly.

    As for EVE, my current RL>EVE has been on the rise and have not been loggin on enough to even keep PI running… sheesh. As for the upcoming changes… as we understand it (1) they are far enough away that it will be upwards of a year before any hard changes are made to POSes… for now we will start seeing some of the new deployabes… but the BIG changes… actual POSes and such will come after much debate and iteration… as much as a years worth. So those who are shutting down shop ans selling now are jumping the gun by a wide margin to say the least…

    Besides, we live inna hole… we got no choice but to keep the tent we got for now… =]

    • I hear you Tur, but honestly it was just a time and money sink that attracted the odd WD now and again. Couple that with less desirability (the faction medium and small towers were holding their value much better) ever since they changed from fixed numbers of lines per lab/array, well I just couldn’t see the need to keep it.

      The new systems they’re talking about alter the landscape in a way that POSes never could. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they can do. Still mulling over your post re the POS shielding.

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