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February 22, 2015

Hi All,


In an effort to keep the surprise, I have been holding off reading and viewing too much about the Drifters. I tried and failed to continue doing so last night. Out of the videos I did watch, there was mention of the fact that they are indeed their own separate faction, and that you are indeed likely to lose status with them if you manage to destroy one of their ships.

I also noted that the listening posts have some distinct similarities (albeit mostly their vertical nature) to the Player Owned Stations out there. So….. what if they’re not actually a listening post, but are instead a fully functional Drifter Owned Station.

What if, instead of by the usual route of destruction, the lore is advanced by player interaction with the new NPCs. What if we, the capsuleers, are indeed the last, best hope against the primordial entity – foot soldiers in a Jovian war of truly galactic scale.

In any event, both the Sisters of Eve and Concord have a much better idea of what exactly the hell is going on. Concord itself lowered its readiness state after the uptick, suggesting that diplomatic overtures have at least begun. Or they’ve decided their technology is sufficiently powerful to contain it. Either way, we live in very interesting times indeed.

Looking forward to what happens next…!






P.S – Kudos to the CCP team putting out The Scope videos. Very cool 🙂


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