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Let Me Tell You A Story

February 10, 2015

Hi All,


I once had the pleasure of doing a course where the tutor set the class a task. We were split into teams of three, and a scenario given. Each team had a certain time to decide which out of a number of people were to enter a time locked vault. They all had various up sides and down sides, such as a general doctor but he was an older man. A younger woman, but who had no skills at all. A botanist, gay. A gardener who had a genetic condition. The idea was that this group of people were to stay in the vault for decades, and would continue the human race through the upcoming disaster.

The group of people I was with had a lady who was firm in her convictions shall we say. And as you can probably imagine, the argument raged as to who was going to enter the vault and with time ticking down, it became very clear that this lady was unable to compromise even with the circumstances outlined. You see, the criteria for the scenario also stated that if we couldn’t reach an agreement in time everybody would die and the human race would fail. With that in mind and two minutes to go, the rest of us decided that she should choose who she wanted as even an outside chance of success would be better than none at all.

It was what happened next that really surprised me – the lady would not even agree to all her own choices. She wanted to argue instead. Despite clearly stating that she could have exactly who she wanted multiple times, she would not accept that. The argument was more important to her than reaching an accommodation or even any solution at all. Even her own.

I’ve never forgotten it. I guess it has little to directly to do with EvE Online, except possibly everything…. think long and hard about who you vote for this CSM round.

Please consider if they can be part of a functional team.





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  1. I remember doing that first at High School – although it was meant to be survivors of a plane that crash onto a deserted island, and would likely never be rescued. I’ve done it a couple times since – during Uni (where your interactions were watched through one way glass) and again at a work project kick off function.

    I think on each occasion there has been a group that either could not come to an agreement (so no one lived), or had someone who simply couldn’t bring themselves to make any decision. I remember that those who in effect failed the task were somewhat smug about it, but dismissed the whole thing as silly. Even so – it very tellingly showed you a flaw in their character.

  2. TurAmarth permalink

    Yeah, I always felt this was a good acid test for aholes… mebbe to be a CSM you have to go through this with all the other candidates and only the one’s who work out a solution get to run… =]

    • With an appropriately Icelandic penalty for failure…? Might make people taking a shot at the CSM just that little bit more seriously 😉

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