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Good Omens

December 23, 2014

Hi All,


Apparently the BEEB has made an audio play of what must be about my favorite book. Can’t wait for the downloads to be available…!  🙂




P.S Schedule starts today –

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  1. -K- permalink

    LOVE that book!

    Needed some good news to lighten my day… having just returned from the ER yet again 😛

  2. -K- permalink

    Had a disagreement with a stair, I lost. FYI folding ones big toe backwards underneath itself is not an advisable activity. Just in case you was wondering. Whats really sad is having to wait till morning to go to the ER because *I* was the only one sober enough to drive!!!

  3. -K- permalink

    We all have our holiday traditions 😛 Hope yours is shiny!

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