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December 19, 2014

Hi All,


Much has been made about the lore of late. Particularly Caroline’s Star and what it may be a precursor to. While I do like the lore and have read the books and short stories, I in no way consider myself to be any kind of expert. For that you need to go see Rhavas, Mark 726 or have a listen to the HP podcasts:


Further to this, I’m more of a gordian knot kind of person. Now I’m not sure if its because I don’t have the time or inclination to throw that sort of mental wattage at the lore, or, to carry on with the sword analogies, that I just prefer the arguments of occam’s razor.

The actual mechanics of what does what to cause the effect and the minutiae that surround it are less of interest to me than as to the why. Why did it happen? Was it a failure of extremely advanced technology after centuries of neglect, its guardians absent or dead? Or, and more to the point, was it a conscious decision by those guardians to prevent that technology falling in to the wrong hands?

We know that the Sansha have been operating out of Jove space. We know that since the event, cloaked structures have been slowly appearing all over known space. While their function let alone their form has not been confirmed, if they are not a listening station or contain some sort of monitoring functionality, I’d be very surprised. After all, the pods we capsuleers use are a gift from the Jove. And we, their fractious and squabbling children, have probably needed an eye kept on us. Probably several.

There is another possibility too – the Jovian disease that resulted from genetic manipulation may not have been confined purely to the Jove. We are, as I understand it, all from the same root stock. They imposed a quarantine, isolating themselves completely from the rest of civilization. A decision you take when faced with an extreme and deadly contagion.

The Sansha have been kidnapping thousands upon thousands with their incursions. Again the question is why and why do they need so many? To build an army capable of breaking through Jovian automated defenses? To find that one special individual whose particular genius just might unlock their technology?

Perhaps the technology that had prevented wormholes from propagating in Jove space was starting to fail, or more likely, that others had begun to circumvent it without its guardians there to continually advance it in response.

We may never know the exact reasons, but for the Jove to sacrifice whatever remains of themselves over to the cosmic cycle of destruction and rebirth, has both a nobility and sadness to it. A cataclysmic solution to prevent all out catastrophe.

As was once said so poignantly, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few….




P.S Lore plus larrikin, if you happen to be wondering…

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