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December 5, 2014

The shakedown tour finished without a hitch and the ship eased in to dock at Sukuuvestaa station. When the all docking protocols were complete, and once berthed, the crew headed from the disparate parts of the ship to the mess hall.

Not a few stopped here and there to look at the functional and spartan lines, very different from the warm, almost organic surroundings of the Gallente Federation ships they were used to. There, necessary equipment melded into curves, conduits were hidden in panels either above or below, and an understated elegance permeated throughout, even down to the plumbing in the bio-filtration units.

Here, floor and ceiling grids showed through to the infrastructure of the ship, containment field connections for the damage control systems and artificial gravity nodes readily apparent. The bridge itself, while a marvel of technology, showed the same brutal adherence to pure functionality. From the chairs at the various command stations with their 8 point safety harnesses visible through to the mil spec fire control systems and airlocks. This was a vessel of battleship grey, hard edges and no step.

The general hubbub in the mess dropped immediately when the capsuleer entered, and on arriving at the front of the room, she turned and addressed the assembled crew.

“Good morning. At 07:00 hours we undocked for the maiden voyage of this Caldari Navy issued Raven class battleship. The shakedown went well, and I understand that you have used the time well familiarizing yourselves with the new systems. However, this ship is utterly and completely different from the Angel, and in a myriad of ways. I wish to focus on the main considerations for a moment.”

“Weapons crew. This ship has, to a very large extent been redesigned around increased precision in payload delivery, and over time we will be installing additional modifications to further supplement it. While the cruise missiles are extremely quick, they do not arrive almost instantaneously at target. Unlike the railguns. This effect becomes more and more noticeable out towards their limits. Suffice to say that if we can lock a target, we can also hit that target. Hard.”

The capsuleer gave a tiny smile at those words, and her audience nearly fell out of their chairs in surprise, nudging one another to make sure they’d actually seen her show an emotion.

“That said, small and fast targets can still present an issue. This is a known quality of the Raven class, though this variant has been re-engineered by the Navy to offset it. There are the upcoming modifications as mentioned, however we have two further tactics that will impact on payload delivery.”

“Tactical, we will be bringing across the proven effectiveness of the target painter unit, the signature bloom will assist both drones and missiles. I’ll come back shortly to point two”

“Engineering and Navigation. Both sections have had more than their share of action over the past few years, and I want to thank you particularly for your work on the Angel to date. On this ship however, you’ll have more of a monitoring role. This is mostly due to the configuration of the shields and charge based recharging systems.”

“This provides a significant buffer and massive burst capacity for shield regeneration. Both ideal for completion of mission objectives and to withstand potential ambush situations. It also means much less stress on the energy systems throughout the ship.”

“Now, point two. I understand the rumors have been flying around. You know of what I speak. Both command and tactical are fully aware of the situation, and I find it necessary to bring all up to speed, if for no other reason that to quash some of the more outlandish speculation floating around.”

She shot a meaningful glance at her XO standing to her right before continuing, while the man, in true XO form, showed nothing more than an increased glower to underscore his all around disapproval of such things. “No place for it on my ship” was barely audible to those closest.

“We have been flying with an Astarte class command ship on our wing for the last few weeks. And yes, her pilot is from the Gallente Federation. He brings a unique set of skills to our corporation. Our overall effectiveness as a team has increased dramatically. Engineering and tactical, this is why you have seen less stresses on our ship. Nav, that is also why propulsion has not been required anywhere near as often”.

“That pilot will also be changing ships shortly, this time into a Vulture class command ship. This will enhance shield functionality as well as increase the applicable ranges and effects of the target painters. Signature bloom should increase to just over 50%. Essentially, a missile salvo should hit almost any target to full effect.”

“As to this speculation, let me put a stop to it right now. We have an agreement. Neither of us will be party to any action that compromises our loyalty. There will be no direct action against the Gallente Federation while he is in any fleet with us. Obviously we are operating within the borders of the Caldari State, so the reverse is as true for him as it is for us.”

“All of that said, some discretion on your part is advised. We have a very good name with various Megacorporations and with the State itself. I would ask that you do not put the years of hard work at risk with idle chit chat. In any case, pirates of any ilk are worthy of both our attentions, are they not…?”

There it was again! A smile! Did you see that?!?!?!

“Right.” There was another glance at the XO, whose eyebrows were doing their level best to pretend they were a mustache. “Are there any questions?”

She waited briefly for the murmuring to die down. “I will be shifting some assets in system in preparation for our first assignment. All crew, you are on standby. There are some final checks to complete, but unless informed otherwise, consider the Valkyr battle ready”.

“Let the Guristas beware.”





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  1. Toka permalink

    Say it aint so.
    I could say something about irony, or maybe turning to the dark side, but I will manfully resist.
    However I’m sure I can hear Kit cackling in the background..

    • We’ve already had that conversation. Oddly she approves. Apparently she flew a raven back in the day before falling in love with her Tengu.

      Anyways, the irony of having been a drone gun tech for as long as she has been despite H’s origins on Saisio has not been lost on me….

  2. -K- permalink

    Oh sorry, was I THAT loud? my bad 😀

  3. -K- permalink

    and whats with this “Apparently she flew a raven back in the day” business huh? Memory failing you there old man? Do I need to flip it over and show you the ‘made by’ inscription?

    • Uh…. I have made a couple of them now (looks round a little guiltily)…

      And whats with this old business anyways. I don’t feel a day over 900.

  4. -K- permalink

    and here was me thinking it MEANT something when a guy makes a ship just especially for you *overly dramatic sigh for effect* I guess it all meant nothing!

    Ok, I confess I don’t actually remember if it was the Raven or the Navy Raven you made for me I just remember being all “Awww you shouldn’t have” followed by a lot of “oooooh SHINY!” and then even more “KABOOM” 😀

    • You should see what a CNR does these days. It has a bonus for missile explosion radius, in other words you can hit smaller targets easier.

      With the plan I have in motion at present, 900 DPS with an explosion radius of 150. Which is about the size of a cruiser hull.

      Now… you add in a target painter giving a 50% increase to their hull size…. frigates come in at anything from 40 sig to about 80.

      Even if you’re only doing half the DPS because of mitigation – one shotting a frigate even at close range is possible. It may actually be overkill, but we’ll see… 🙂

  5. -K- permalink


    excuse me while I mop up the drool!

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