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November 28, 2014

Something’s coming…

2014. I can’t help but wonder what the view is like from JZV-F4

From → Eve Online

  1. I don’t follow the EVE lore closely, but I do appreciate they cater for that player group. It makes the game more interesting.

    • I think the lore is important because it provides the entire rationale behind the EvE universe.

      That said, have really only heard speculation at this point regarding the new phenomenon. In any case, coooool…..

  2. TurAmarth permalink

    I have heard (read) that this is eerily similar to a stellar event that proceed Apocrypha and the Seyllin Disaster that brought us access to Anoikis in the first place… I wonder if the Lore storyline requires a similar event for access to the new 101 systems?

    • That has occurred to me too. What is sitting in the back of my mind is the primordial entity mentioned in the previous trailer.

      The station is orbiting at an extraordinarily close orbit at what looks to be a sun. That could be an assumption though – fifth element anyone….?

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