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November 3, 2014

Hi All,


While I haven’t been in null for quite some time, I do like to keep an eyeball on how things are going. So was doing some research on Dotlan today, and when I happened to glance over to the right hand column – and there have been some huge changes on the map. Not the least of which is the top 6 including Goonswarm, The Initiative and PBLRD all zeroing out. There are some transfers, but holy moly oO

So, who can tell a story? Whats going to happen when 11k angry bees with no particular place to be go looking for some fun….?


Northern Asso… Up/Down +93 -8
Northern Coal… Up/Down +55 -38
Goonswarm Fed… Up/Down 0 -79
The Initiative. Up/Down 0 -58
Get Off My Lawn Up/Down +10 -28
Greater Weste… Up/Down 0 -37
The Kadeshi Up/Down +29 0
Forged of Fire Up/Down +18 -10

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  1. Toka permalink

    A lot of this stuff has already been somewhat covered on en24 and mittani.
    CFC area pulling back some of the sprawl and maybe trimming the renters a bit so that they can more easily defend with the phoebe range nerf.
    PL sold a bunch of their renter sov and reset N3.
    Already seeing russians some of the minors like AAA, stain etc becoming more agressive in anticipation.
    AFAIK most of the big changes are peacful/intentional reorganisation, but I expect things will get somewhat “fluid” and a lot of brushfire wars break out 🙂

  2. Toka permalink

    Wow. Thera sounds amazing. How that develops and the power struggles will be very interesting.

    • That is very much a human experiment on a large scale. Whether it’s tumbleweeds or a thriving metropolis or something in between, who knows.

      Either way, exciting times 🙂

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