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October 31, 2014

Hi All,


After something of a hiatus in EvE, I’ve decided to focus back on things. Appears my life has reached a saturation point where only one game at a time is a viable option. LOTRO is on hold. I have effectively beaten Magic 2015 in solo mode, and in Path of Exile I find I’ve had enough of the grind. So…. back to the favorite with a firm focus on the Phoebe expansion.

EvEwise, the alts have been chewing though science skills in an effort to broaden into multiple simultaneous jobs, though I did run the figures for H, and to absolutely have V across the board in science will still take close to a year to complete. If I drop all of the reverse engineering, it will be much quicker. The capacity to build T2 battleships and titans is also to be finished off, and I think I’ll be happy for H to remain the specialist. The alts can sit at four.

I did put some serious thought into how the jump changes may impact the markets and how best to maximize any profits. And then I had a look at my trader alt, who has effectively languished, semi-trained, since 2009. No skills at V. Not even broker relations. Eeep! So, main alt on hold and off we go. The next step was to try and identify a station where people might want to spend a little more in the way of iskes for the convenience factor, and I think I may have done that.

Lastly, the standings grind… ugh. As if I haven’t done enough of that sort of thing already. One thing I wasn’t aware of was the limitation on distance for standings gain. With the alt parked in Jita, he received iskes and LP from the missions completed, but did not appear to gain any standings.  Parked him in system, and voila. All good. Unsure if thats a change or has always been there. Mind you, it might have also taken a little time to register from 0.0 – idk.

So the missing link in the invent/build/sell chain is being sorted. Now all I have to do is identify the opportunities in the market and go from there. The iskes must flow… and hopefully not outwards… 🙂




P.S –

P.P.S HIC pilots need to have a look at this. Pretty substantial change for them.

P.P.P.S The invention/build changes are going to be very interesting to watch shake out….

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  1. Toka permalink

    WB dude. Time to go and kill stuffs methinks…

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