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It’s better to burn out than fade away

August 15, 2014

Hi All,

Been a while. Life has been interesting to say the least, to the point where a simple question of how are things going has a long, complicated and not particularly pleasant answer.

EvE wise, I’ve been looking at options post Crius and considering whether or not to pull the tower and potentially move to WH space. And then the Hyperion changes were dev-blogged and well, nope.

Still churning through the contracted inventions and bringing another alt up to speed as far as skill levels go. H has just about completed her science skills to V across the board. Have to love that 49.2% success rate.

Essentially, EvE has been squeezed in around the edges, and I’ve not had time even to do some exploration. I’ve been racking my brain for more “what can I do in 15 minute flat” activities in EvE and not been too successful so far. And then I read this:

Now, this made me sit up and go whoa! It looks like it will address the short, intense, fun element currently missing in high sec. It appears that you will need a combat fit (webs, scram) frigate to be able to tackle these missions, which should help lead what you require for survivability in low/null.

Best of all, it appears that this is a high end (I hesitate to use the words end game) option for those casual players how have neither the time nor the inclination to head to more dangerous space.

These could be tough. Really tough. Bring it on!



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