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RvB Poco

May 3, 2014

Hi All,


Has anyone else noticed they seemed to have hoovered up a lot of POCOs around the place? They seem to have picked up all planets in some systems in the Forge, more so in the out of the way places and not a few in the busier systems. Can anyone comment on other locations?



From → Eve Online

  1. Milesofpain permalink

    GoonSwarm Transferred them to RvB, They may be a Goon alt corp

    • They’re not an alt corp, but are associated with them. See Gevlon Goblin and his war on the GSF POCOs. Thanks, I hadn’t actually considered that angle.

    • I think you might be right after all that. Not up to speed with the political landscape these days.

  2. I haven’t noticed any of theirs around where I base out of, but I’ll try to remember to keep an eye out on my travels and see if I can find some.

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