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The Engine Room

April 16, 2014

Hi All,


This is staggeringly important for a whole raft of reasons, but essentially the summer expansion is about industry, which underpins everything in New Eden.


Some of the standout points for me:

  • Removal of station slots, instead having a scaling price the more the system is in use
  • POS can be anchored anywhere in high sec (with some protected systems)
  • Inability to remote install from a corp office to a POS
  • Reduction in BPC copy time
  • Changes to the efficiencies of POS lab and assembly arrays
  • Changes to the industry UI (die, clickfest, die!!!!)
  • Changes to ME/PE efficiencies


In one way or another, this will reshape the entirety of New Eden. Corp locations, through to potential new markets, through to more points of conflict (POS), right down to supply and demand… and of course, prices.


It’s huge (and well overdue imho)


Go read –






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