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Scan Strength Insanity

March 22, 2014

Hi All,

So, it turns out that it is possible to have a scan strength of over 200… but I’ve settled for a mere 183.9… >snort<

Have only had a brief play with the upgraded beastie, but what was in almost the first combat site I scanned down was two Ishtars, two Navy Caracals and a Tengu. So. No. Thank you very much. I don’t think it has anything like the combat capability of a fully tanked T3, but the Stratios appears to be a seriously good scanning platform.

Am also very rusty as far as the actual scanning goes, in fact I spent quite some time trying to scan down a 0% strength signature when it was one of those nasty doubles you sometimes get when you’re at just at the edge of scanning range. The odd thing was I don’t recall seeing the second red dot. I may have to see if this duplicates at any point. If it does, it might be a function of having a stupidly high scan strength.  In any event, D’oh.

I think it’s probably time to see look at scanning an entire system goes and figuring out the base percentages of all the signatures again, but right now most sites seem to take two perhaps three scans to find. Just need to figure out a quick way of seeing if a system contains a potentially lucrative combat site. Which is where the percentages come in. Drop the probes at 16au and see what pops up. If there’s nothing specific there you want to run, move on and try again.

Can still scan while running some sites, though 4/10s definitely need active management, drone and range control. Have yet to put my hands on one of the ghost sites and see what they’re actually made of.

Fly smart,



P.S CCP remove the can spew already….. pleeeeeeease……



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  1. P.S It is possible for a Stratios to do the Gurista Vigil 4/10. Not necessarily all that comfortable, but it is possible….

  2. My scan probes have a base scan strength of only 99.8 (stratios, sister probes + launcher, no rigs or other scanning mods.) A Nestor BS has even more scan strength as a stratios though.

    • Well – a T2 rig, one scanning mid slot module (can’t remember the name off hand) plus certain implants will get you there.

      Whether it’s worth the investment, I’m not quite sure yet.

  3. I think I gave up on exploring when I read that loot can spew was being removed, probably in the Summer. I’ll just wait. It’s not worth the rage over the appalling mechanics and UI

    Do you refit from a probing setup to a combat setup using a Mobile Depot ?

    • Hi Cheradenine,

      I’ve never needed to change the fit when I was flying the proteus, and haven’t so far while running the strat. It is a more agile, but much less study machine however.

      One thing will make me alter the fits and its entirely situational – if I intend working in WH space, low or null. Cloaks and combat oriented mid-slots, along with neuts in any spare in the highs would be order of the day.

      The depot could then be used to switch out a mid as needed to whatever hacking module is necessary.

      P.S I’ve given up on exploration many times. For some reason I keep going back for more punishment 🙂

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