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Reprocessing Repercussions

March 21, 2014

Hi All,

This seems to have made it through the news with little or no fanfare. Can’t help but wonder if these apparently small(ish) changes may have a greater impact than first appears. From the impact in pricing due to a drop in loot processing output through to a nerf on the 425mm railgun 1 compression and associated ore movements, coupled with the ability to increase null sec outpost refining efficiency… we may yet see some rather interesting outcomes.

I know that R&D and manufacturing blogs are few and far between so prognostications on the likely impacts are really up to yourselves, but this is something that will literally have an impact on the entirety of New Eden, and as such I think definitely worth a read.




From → Eve Online

  1. P.S Mining as a profession also received something of a boost too. They’re going to become a far more valuable resource…

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