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Changing of the Guard

March 8, 2014

Hi All,

The CSM silly season is upon us, and I’m finding it tough to start wading through the info on people I’ve never really heard of before. That’s not what this post is about though, it’s to say thank you to a CSM who has done some absolutely sterling work. Unfortunately we’re not really going to see the results of all that hard graft until most have left office, which is something of a shame, but they’ve certainly set the benchmark for how a CSM to operate.

One particular person has been a part of the CSM for some time now. He’s been elected four(?) times. While I can’t say he was is the most visible of the various CSMers over the years, once on the job Trebor went straight to the engine room, hunkered down and gave it a damn good push. And he kept it up for four years straight. The overall effectiveness of this last CSM and more importantly, the validity of the CSM in the eyes of players, is in no small part due to the work he put into it.

There were of course other players in this story, but for me, the continuity of Trebor’s service, and everything from his business experience though to his assistance in helping new CSMers come up to speed were invaluable.

He’s announced he’s not going to run again, and I think it would be a damn fine thing if people went and left a couple of words, even it’s just a simple thank you. Spread the word.



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