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Drone On

February 18, 2014

Hi All,

Droning, droning, droning to the rawhide theme ran through my head just a moment ago. All I can is be thankful I’m not a big media uploader of stuff generally. Ears all over the ‘verse have been saved a fate, well, you know the rest 🙂

Honestly, I have no idea where this stuff comes from. No idea. None.

Anyways, I’ve been pondering how to use the alts efficiently for all sorts of stuff recently, and have decided to try out the whole drone assist thing prior to it (and possibly the Domi) being nerfed. Not so much the finger of god, but the tiniest sliver of a chip of a nail clipping from the finger of god in my case. I’d been holding off from missioning with one of the alts because I wanted ability to move things between the main factions without problems (faction police will turn up at a wormhole if you’re shoot on site with them), but in practical terms I’ve spent no time whatsoever in either Minmatar or Gallente space. There’s Red Frog/Blue Frog too, so why the heck not.

Dual boxing is OK, but triple boxing is something of a PITA. Enter the mighty space potato. This is probably the best, el cheapo, afk boat about. 750 drone assisted DPS to your main boat, though an Ishtar and/or a Myrmidon are worthy choices as well for different reasons. The good thing about the spud is how quick you can get into one. Given my alts have maxed out sentry skills, just need to get the Gallente ship skills sorted. These days it’s a pretty easy run to go from nothing at all to rank 3 or 4 in battleship in less than a week given the prerequisites are just 3 in each class (frigate, destroyer, cruiser, battecruiser).

The current plan is fairly simple. Fleet warp to the location. Deploy drones – set them to assist (or possibly guard) and kill. With an additional two on the field, I could put out another 1500 DPS or so. Given I’m going to be more reliant on the drone AI doing the work, as opposed to using additional guns, the highs can be saved from remote reps, energy transfers, neuts….

Lets see how quick we can kill once the plan is in place 🙂

Drone on!



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  1. I like the idea – except for drone agro. Won’t they take out your sentries which won’t really make them AFK DPS?

  2. Use a target painter on your assisted ship to make assisting drones shoot at what they should.

    No nerf on assist until you get to 10 domis.

    • Yeah – should have made that sentence a bit more clear on it. And I do run target painter(s) dependent on if I’m using a Kronos or the Mega.

      The one question that I need to clarify is if I have drones of my own out, will assist work. If no, the Kronos it is. In any case, if I can get to a point where it’s one ship kill per gun cycle (or close to it), I’ll be happy.

      • Because we wanted some control, our lead domi manually drives his own drones. This is ok as (2) hotkeys are used. One to target paint and the other to engage drones.

        The only difficulty we had was when I targetted fleet member , used remote reps then engaged drones. Don’t do that.

      • LOL yeah thanks Foo. Have run logi sufficiently often to know that one 🙂

  3. -K- permalink

    So basically what I get from this is you have replaced me and my incredible killage skills with AIs…. ain’t that just a peach 😛

    Bet no AI can make you snarf your drink all over your monitor quite like I can though 😀

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