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We Are Immortal

February 8, 2014

Hi Peoples,


I read with not a small amount of dismay about the negative reactions to CCP’s monument. And my first reaction (and honestly probably my last reaction) to the criticism was this: what a miserable bunch of sods. Seriously. A. Miserable. Bunch. Of. Sods.

None of us has much of a chance of leaving a tangible, physical reminder that will last decades, if not centuries. And for some, their achievements in game will dwarf whatever they may do in RL. For others, there may be no one to remember us when the evensong shadows deepen into night.

This thing that CCP has done, at likely quite some expense in time and iskender, does something that I would suggest transcends the action of inscribing a name into a piece of durable material: it takes we capsuleers and makes us in some small way immortal.

We, who play, hunt, fight, build, create and destroy in the milieu that CCP has created have impacted the world in a myriad of ways. Through fundraising, the creation of social links that otherwise would not exist, gatherings and more, we move and the impacts of the movements ripple through life, onwards and outwards. But almost nothing we do leaves a physical presence that will still be there in ten or twenty years time.

CCP has given us a gift of longevity, a chance to remember, and a point of pilgrimage for Fan Fest attendees to years to come. We play EvE. CCP has made that a tangible reality. And that, in my opinion, is a very cool thing indeed.





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One Comment
  1. Earlier today I was thinking about bragging on my work about this. In RL it is unlikey my name my name will be immortalized in a monument. In EVE my names will be featured not once but four times.

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