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Patchy Posting

January 23, 2014

Hi All,


Over the next little while, my posting may be even more erratic than usual. RL has decided to throw a spanner in the works. We did not re-secure a major tender that was essentially underpinning the company. After 7 years, I guess change is inevitable, but 6 weeks notice was a little…. short… imho.

So, am in the process of working through all of the issues, not the least of which is the potential for my current staff to take up a new position with the incoming company. They’re being made redundant from my perspective, and we’ve sought permission to pass on their details so the conversations can start. It’s a pretty big one. Once the final invoices come in, we’ll probably close it down. This should stop all the provisional taxes and various government agencies wanting their pound of flesh before we’ve actually earned it. There might even be (gasp shock horror!) some tax paid back.

While I’ve been keeping an active eye on the amount of stored leave and have been managing it, it’s still a fair whack of money to pay out all personnel’s entitlements in one hit. Sufficiently so, that managing the cashflow may come down to timing. Things may get interesting, but we’re OK provided things go as per normal. We will post a loss this year because of it though.

My business partners and I are working on a new venture that has some serious potential. And it’s one not based around manpower supply, so the associated headaches you get with that will be a lot less. I have to fly to Sydney in early Feb to be shot for the new website (I hate being filmed – ugh) plus do voice overs etc. It seems like a really interesting and busy time of it coming up, and for the first time in a loooooong time, I’m actually excited for the future.

As far as EVE goes, there isn’t too much to say except I probably won’t be around all that much, so posting is likely to suffer. Even more than it has. Between emergency (non-critical) surgery on a family member, the same person having a landmark birthday and the wrap up/ramp up I’m going to be somewhat busy… what a way to start the year… oO


Fly Smart,




P.S Marmite decc’d us. Again. We’re not Goons people..!!!

P.P.S Mab, that blaster/rail Kronos comparison is just going to have to wait.

  1. -K- permalink

    All sounds rather exciting and more than a little headachey too.

    You are going to be in Sydney??? When and for how long?

    • Going to be a 48 hour turn around. Fly in on the 5th, out on the 7th. Booked the flights last night.

      Headachy ain’t the half of it. The wee man is sleeping even less than before. I didn’t think that was possible… but it is….

      • -K- permalink

        lol oh trust me on this one, sleeping less is ALWAYS possible where kids are concerned. Scary but true.

        I know you are probably going to be stupid busy in the 48 hours you are there but Sydney has been on my to do list for a while (friend I have been meaning to visit) and I happens to haz a friend who works for Virgin and could sort me a super cheap flight at short notice so could maybe see what strings I can pull if you want? Seem as how no one comes HERE or anything šŸ˜›

      • Awww, no fair. I honestly don’t know how stupid the busy will be. A lot depends on weather conditions and expectations of my business partners.

        I’m going to be a lot more free time after March 1, or at least that time is going to be far more planned as opposed to reacting to events as they happen.

        It would be grand to catch up, no doubt about it. But until I have an idea of whats going on timing wise, I would not expect you to head down.

  2. Good luck with the transition, and being able to fit in a bit of EVE time in between it all.

    • Thanks Hermit… will do. Happy to live vicariously through other people’s postings too (hint hint).

  3. -K- permalink

    well hmpft, can’t believe you are coming all the way to Aus and not visiting me anyway! šŸ˜¦ sadly I know all too well about the stupid busy but if you do happen to find out what the plan is in the near future please let me know as I can literally land my ass there for less than the cost of a night on the town and I could seriously use the excuse for a break.

    Still an outside chance I can swing Aucks in April as I want to lay eyes on the mini-thulhu BEFORE she destroys the world and all but what are the chances you could come up while I’m there? We don’t exactly have a great track record of co-coordinating that!

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