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A Hive Of Scum And Villany

December 8, 2013

Hi All,

After Jita, Osmon is one of those places that seems to attract a certain type of player. Especially now, with the new SOE ships and one of the few L4 security agents for the Sisters in High sec and the announcement of the Nestor.  Consider the following kills:

Vargur, Golem, CNR, CNR. Those of you who have been around for a while will note the similarities – all of the kill ships have been relatively cheap, high alpha minmatar boats, with the Vargur being taken out by thrashers being the best ratio of the lot. All of the victims flew ships pretty well kitted with shiny, and none of them fitted any buffer to speak of. A gankers paradise in other words.

Here’s one of the tornadoes used in a gank:

Note the meta guns and t2 kit, all DPS and damage application,  along with sensor boosters and scan resolution for a quick lock. An inexpensive fit outside the hull itself, approx 100 mil or so all up according to battleclinic (take with a liberal dose of salt). That particular gank was a net loss to the gankers due to a poor drop, but the four tornadoes lost to concord versus a net drop of 1.1 bil on one of the CNR kills..?

Thats a 700 million isk profit or so right then and there. I can admire the results even if I don’t necessarily admire the tactics. In any case, I betcha these were all sit at the undock, gankees already identified, waiting with overload guns.

Unless you really particularly want to grind out SOE missions for the satisfaction of doing it yourself, I’d suggest going somewhere else. Make your iskies in the most efficient manner as possible – and buy what you want, later on, once the demand and price has dropped.

Fly Smart


One Comment
  1. I’m just going to point out that the fit used by those tornados is closer to the 80mill mark. That loss must have been due to being suspect or something I assume, due to the lack of Concord on the killmail and the fact he was carrying enough fittings for two more tornados in his cargo hold (18 guns, 6 tracking computers etc).
    That said, I am still certainly staying away from any SoE systems until well after the SoE battleship is released. 🙂

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