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Invention Suspension

December 7, 2013

Hi All,


That invention contract I’ve just completed has hit a wee snag. No so much from the success rate (I was pretty happy with the shade over 50%) but on the payment front with the client crying poor right at the last minute. Now, I’m going to give this person something of a free pass in that I’m deferring expectations of payment until later on. In other words, once their build and sale cycles are complete.

This is part because we’ve had quite a few successful engagments in the past, but also because they’ve always put up all the datacores and BPCs with no requirement for any kind of collateral. When you’re talking close to 800 individual invention runs, thats not an inconsiderable amount of iskies to be trusted with.

Trust is the most important commodity in EvE. Time will tell whether I’ve invested wisely, or been slowly and carefully played.

We shall see…




P.S Where’s that darned industry expansion CCP…? With at least five clicks per individual invention…. and close to 800 of them, parlez-vous RSI?

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  1. Serpentine Logic permalink

    One of the advantages of T2 BPOs is not having to deal with invention.

    The downside is only being able to output 400 modules per month.

    • I came in after the T2 lottery stopped. And I don’t have the liquid iskies to pick any of them up.

      Not much of a downside there tbh 🙂

      • Serpentine Logic permalink

        well, considering that it’s possible to push out 50 or 100 modules per day using invention, yeah it is. T2 BPOs are decent isk per slot (the ones I have access to are module BPOs, which aren’t as awesome as ship BPOs) but the isk per hour does not scale like invention can.

      • Damn. I suppose I’ll have to spreadsheet it then….

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