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District 10

November 25, 2013

Hi All,


Has been something of a while. RL has been kicking butt and taking names. I’ve just started doing some heavy T2 invention (700+ blueprints) on contract and I’m going to be forever thankful I started skilling up a second science alt for invention. H is ticking skills off to L5, but this one has almost all of the necessaries to L4 – which has been good enough for the client.


Anyways, I was churning through the first batches when I noticed something pop up on my overview. Planetary Beacon – District 10. Got curious and warped to the beacon to find a lonely skiff there. I was wondering what it was for a while when suddenly I clicked. Gek III is a temperate planet. And who fights on temperate planets? The Dusties….


Anyone who is planning on running a POS might want to have a wee look and see if any beacons have popped up in their system… and if there’s an available moon around that particular planet. Coz, tbh with the feeding frenzy surrounding the Custom’s Offices, I can’t see the prices of fuel dropping any time soon…





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One Comment
  1. And when I logged back in today – nada. Weird. Post patch though I suspect…. hmmmm….

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