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Path of Exile

November 5, 2013


If you played Diablo II, this is a game for you. Seriously. It’s extremely good. It takes that particular kind of play style and actually improves it. It’s complicated, deep, and surprisingly addictive. Best of all its free to play – though the download on the generous size of large. 7 gig or so iirc.

But for a pick up and put down game that does not penalize you at least in the first run through (there are three tiers of difficulty) that does both PvE and PvP this is by far the game I’m most enamored with atm.

Lets see – You want a holy knight that can summon exploding skeletons and zombies from the bodies of your vanquished foes? Tick. You want to do area affect weapon attacks. Tick. You want to add elemental damage to your attacks, and freeze, burn or shock your foes? Tick.

Now – do you want to be able to do them ALL AT THE SAME TIME…?!?!?!? TICK!!!!!

Or how about a sorceress class capable of spamming area affect cold attacks that freeze and shatter, removing all but the toughest of foes? Tick. Boss class enemy – fry them with a flamethrower spell that escalates in DPS the longer you hold it on? Tick. Curse your foes so they damage themselves whenever they hit you or one of your party? Tick.

And yes, you CAN do all of those things at the same time too… 🙂


The combinations are staggering. You find special gems which fit into slots in your armor and weaponry that empower a particular skill. There are three colors of them generally, and they roughly equate to hand to hand combat (red), ranged combat (green) and spells (blue). They also have prerequisites dependent on level (yes they level up too), usually the primary stat being strength (red), dexterity (green) and intelligence (blue).

Then there are the support gems, which if your armor has a link between slots, enhance the gem or gems accordingly. My templar wields a staff, ordinarily a one swing, one hit weapon. By slotting the gem glacial hammer, and the support gem melee splash, the additional cold damage and chance to freeze hits multiple targets…

Me like 🙂

Anyways, for such a simple game it’s remarkably complicated, and I’m looking forward to delving further into it….





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  1. -K- permalink

    One might remind you that from Monday-ish your presence ingame (the ONLY game that matters) is required as often as possible to stop my recovering self from losing too many of my precious few remaining marbles 😛 Getting me to sit still at the best of times is a tall order so please don’t let me get bored!

    • One can consider that ones message has been received by one, and that one will endeavor to catch up with one at her earliest convenience.

      One will point out that ones time is not ones own anymore though… and one may have to disappear at a moments notice…

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